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Yesterday morning, if I had to guess who the winner would be, I would've guessed Kerry. Well, good thing I didn't make any bets. I had thought there would be no way Bush could win Florida, esp after the 2000 election. After carrying Florida, I find it interesting that the parts hit by the hurricanes seems to favor Bush. So, perhaps it was the hurricanes that made the crucial difference in the election.

When I voted yesterday, I was quite disappointed that my candidate, Michael Peroutka, wasn't even on the ballet. So, I had to write in his name. And I wonder if my vote even got counted. But, no matter, I was voting primarily to reflect my principles. I was tempted to just vote for Bush, but I stood my ground.

I am glad to see that Kerry quickly conceded the election. It shows that he is a good loser (is that a politically correct thing to say?) and that we don't have to endure lengthy legal battles from legions of lawyers.

I also wonder what would've happened if Kerry's platform was to pull out of Iraq. It seems like that would be the most logical position for him based on the Democratic platform and also from his Vietnam experience. If he would've stood up for that, maybe I would've even voted for Kerry.

But, a close election sure does make it more exciting though. I couldn't help but stay up last night til almost 1 when it seemed like Bush wrapped it up.

How do I feel with Bush still as President? Not much. I'd probably feel the same way if Kerry got elected. Well, we got what the Republicans wanted... 4 more years.

Posted: 2004-11-03 13:35:52

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