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I sat down to think of all the major things that happened personally this past year. And it turned out to be quite an eventful year.

- Started helping to teach the youth at Northside Community Church.
- Attended the GA Men's Advance for the first time.
- Attended a Purpose Driven Life study with a small group in church.
- Family trip to Taiwan.
- Started Debating Christianity & Religion forum.
- Restarted development of Phramework and completed demo.
- Started homeschooling our kids.
- Attended the first ever Bible study (that I know of) in our neighborhood.
- Spoke at the ATPC Retreat.
- Went to Reno, NV for the first business trip with my current employer.
- Involved with the G12, the pastor's discipleship group.
- Birth of Zachry.
- Finished reading through the Bible.

Posted: 2004-12-31 12:56:38

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