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This weekend, I moved the (DCR) site to another web hosting company. Here was how I moved the site:


Weeks prior, I first got the site setup on the new server. I had another domain,, that I used to set it up. So, I copied all the files and the database to (DX). So, in effect, DX was a site all to its own. Once I got everything there working identically to DCR, then I was ready to move the site. I had also used this opportunity to install a new style to the forum. I had also noticed that the search engines were already indexing the DX site even though I had not put a link up to that site anywhere. I wonder how they knew about the site?


Last week, I posted an announcement on DCR giving people advance notice on the move. Then on Friday, I told everyone to get off by 6:00 PM.


At 6:00 PM, I disabled both boards so that nobody could access them. I then moved the database and the user avatars from DCR to DX. I added a DCR entry to the apache2 configuration and restarted apache2.

I then did some testing from the DX domain to see if everything looked OK.

Then I modified the nameserver setting on DCR's registrar. At this point, it would take 24-48 hours for the new address to propogate. I also decided to use a public nameserver so that I could have more control of the DNS entries.

In the meantime, I installed the allow multiple domains mod so that I can access the site through either DX or DCR. My ISP seems to be slow receiving the new DNS information, but at least for now I can access the site through DX. DCR does seem to be working for some because I see people have been accessing the site.

Hopefully by tomorrow, DCR will have fully propogated.

Posted: 2005-01-30 11:00:23

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