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I had tried to send out a mass email in phpBB to all the users from the Admin Control Panel, but I had gotten the following error:

Failed sending email :: PHP ::


Line : 234
File : /var/www/dcr/forum/includes/emailer.php

However, I could send email to any of the usergroups.

At first, I thought perhaps there was something wrong with the addresses when it pulls all the email addresses. But when I output the list of users, it looked fine.

Next, I tried installing the custom mass email mod. One of the features that it has is that it breaks up sending emails to 50 recipients at a time. When I tried sending a mass email through the mod, it worked.

So, the problem is some sort of mail setting. After contacting the web host admin, he suggested modifying the postfix configuration file. So, I opened the /etc/postfix/ file and added a line:

default_destination_recipient_limit = 1000

Then I executed:

postfix reload

And when I tried a mass email again... it still didn't work. Anybody have any tips on how to correctly set up postfix to bcc to more than 50 people?

Posted: 2005-02-03 05:40:01

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