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Our Maytag dryer started making some clanking noises. It turned out that one of the tumbling vanes was loose. I looked at the dryer and couldn't figure out how to disassemble the dryer. So, I tried to find the manual. Of course I couldn't find it. So, I did a Google search on How to open a maytag dryer. I went to Fixitnow and it had a section on how to disassemble a dryer. Bingo!

First, I unplugged the dryer. Then I unscrewed the two screws at the bottom and opened the front panel. Then I removed the four bulkhead screws and detached some wires. Then I slide out the drum a little bit. A belt runs around the entire drum and is connected to a pulley at the bottom of the dryer. So, I reached back there and unattached that. Then the entire drum can be lifted out. Fortunately, after a little bit of searching, I found the loose screw. Then I reattached the tumbler vane and tightened the rest. And I also pulled out some lint that was in the exhaust pipes as well. Then I put everything back. Fortunately, there were no extra parts left lying around afterwards. Now, it's working as good as new and saved some money as well by not having to call the Maytag man. :)

Posted: 2005-03-02 23:54:56

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