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Well, apparantly I didn't fix the dryer correctly as I described before. I made one critical mistake. The belt that goes around the drum should not go into the groove on the drum. It should be about an inch from it. Then it can go around the pulley assemble correctly. Well, after running the dryer for a load, the belt broke off. :(

So, I went to the Sears parts site and found the replacement belt. Then made a trek to Sears to pick up a belt for $23. Then I followed the directions on how to install the belt. This is how it should look like properly installed. I also had removed the cover on the bottom back to access the pulley assembly easier. Then I ran it and looked at the belt pulley to make sure that it was running correctly. OK, hopefully I got it right this time.

Posted: 2005-03-05 16:26:20

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