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Georgia legislators have agreed after 35 years of debate that residents in Sandy Springs can decide whether their community becomes a city.

The Senate's approval Monday, by a 43-10 vote, marked the first time the House and Senate have agreed on bills that could lead to the incorporation of Sandy Springs a diverse, affluent home to 85,000 in unincorporated north Fulton County.

The unprecedented agreement must go back to the House for a vote on a minor issue before it goes to Gov. Sonny Perdue. Sandy Springs residents have scheduled a June 21 vote on the incorporation issue.

If they vote "yes," Sandy Springs will become an independent city with a mayor, tax authority and police powers. If they vote "no," the Fulton County Commission will continue setting property taxes and controlling land use.

Sandy Springs gets vote OK

I can't wait to vote "yes" for Sandy Springs to become its own city. We contribute $50 million per year in taxes and definitely don't get that much in benefits. In effect, we are subsidizing the waste and corruption for the city of Atlanta. Let us handle affairs for ourselves and let us control how our money will be used.

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Posted: 2005-03-22 08:26:51

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