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This morning, I had the special priviledge of having breakfast with DJ Chuang. He was in-town for a business meeting and we had scheduled beforehand a meetup at Waffle House. We had some interesting dicussions on L2, Asian American Christians, and DCR.

In regards to L2, he mentioned that philanthropy among Asian Americans is very low. Yet, it is the highest income per capita of any group in the US. I found that an interesting fact and we discussed a little bit about why that is.

We talked a little bit that one of the common problems among AA Christians is burn-out. After AAs have served an ethnic church for awhile, they often get burned out and then settle into obscurity in an American megachurch. (Sounds a bit like me, though I'm not in a megachurch.)

He also gave me some good suggestions on how to build DCR. He suggested the book "Community Building on the Web" by Amy Jo Kim, which I've added to my Amazon wish list. Also, perhaps hosting live debates on a campus and putting some ads on other major sites , like BeliefNet. He also mentioned about GodBlogCon (DJ will have a workshop on Live Blogging). I went to the site and suggested DCR for a link. And I got a response back within 30 minutes and was linked!

Posted: 2005-03-29 12:28:11

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