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Our company is again going to be hiring a senior Java developer. Since I'll be part of the interviewing process, I thought I'd search around for some questions to ask candidates. But, after looking at the questions off the net, I really don't like them. The questions are too low level and even an experienced Java programmer can forget them.

Instead, I'd rather ask questions that probe into their experience and figure out how they think. Questions that I thought of are:
- How does Struts work? What are some weaknesses of Struts?
- What are the pros and cons of using Object Relational Modeling (such as Hibernate)?
- What are your thoughts on EJBs? When should they be used?
- What are the pros/cons of stored procedures?
- What are the pros/cons of ?
- How would you go about designing a database? What tool would you use?
- Also, I would give a problem that I'm currently trying to solve and see how they would do it.


Posted: 2005-04-15 16:57:59

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