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I normally use Mozilla as my browser. But, I just stumbled onto Maxthon (was MyIE2). And I think I just might convert over from Mozilla to Maxthon. What is neat about it is that it combines a lot of what I'm looking for from several browsers all into one.

- Uses the IE engine for rendering. Most pages are targeted for IE, so using IE is the best way to view pages. Also, as a web developer, I need to use a browser that most users are using. If I test using Mozilla, it might not actually look right in IE.
- Can modify the bookmarks directly (just like in IE).
- Has tab browsing (you would think that Microsoft would've gotten on this bandwagon by now).
- Has powerful advertisement blocking (it even blocks ads on the screen).
- Cool RSS support (it detects RSS feeds on a page and makes it easy to add to its aggregator).
- Built-in language translation.
- Is free!

Update: Now that I've imported the bookmarks from Mozilla, I'm going to be using Maxthon as my default browser now.

Posted: 2005-04-29 10:40:47

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