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Last Thursday, I was going to play racquetball and when I looked in the trunk of my car, it wasn't there. The only place I could think of where it could be was the other gym that I workout at. So, I played with a backup racquet (that is about 20 years old) and got clobbered. On Friday, I called the other gym and asked if someone turned in a racquet. I told them it was an Ektelon with a blue handle. The person working there said there were some with black handles. I was fairly sure that I left the racquet at that gym. So on Friday afternoon, I drove there and asked in person if someone found a racquet. The lady showed me some racquets in the lost and found. I was so tempted to just say, "Yeah, that's mine." and take one. But, I told the truth and said, "No, those aren't it." Then there was this guy standing next to her wearing some cleaning gloves and he simply said, "Follow me." We went to the back of the gym to a storage area with a bunch of boxes. He reached behind the last box and pulled out my racquet. I said, "Yep, that's it. Thanks." As I was walking out of the gym, I was contemplating talking with the manager and reporting the guy. But, I thought, "well, it's an honesty test for both of us." If I hadn't of been honest, I would not have gotten my racquet back. And what are the odds of the cleaning guy standing right there to hear me ask about the racquet? Seems like it was all setup by God to test my honesty. And I'm glad I passed that test.

Posted: 2005-05-02 16:51:18

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