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Well, since I used to live in Duluth, I guess I'll need to make some comments about the runaway bride, Jennifer Wilbanks. ;)

They were going to have one BIG wedding. 14 bridesmaids, around 600 wedding guests, and it was going to be at the Atlanta Athletic Club. And she already had 8 bridal showers. I'm not sure who is the one that is rich, but someone in the group is obviously well-to-do. Could she just have had cold feet and been overwhelmed by it all? Could be. But, why would she want to lie about it and make up a story about being abducted? And she also did a little bit of premediation about leaving. She bought a greyhound bus ticket a week before under a different name. She got $140 cash, went to the Duluth library, cut her hair, and got a taxi to the bus station. However, if I was going to run away, I'd take a little bit more than $140 with me.

Now, John Mason still wants to marry her. OK, it's their life, they can do whatever they want. But, I'd take this whole incident as a clue of what she is really like.

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Posted: 2005-05-03 10:11:37

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