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On June 21, there will be a referendum to seek the incorporation of Sandy Springs. Of course, Fulton County is not too happy about this since Sandy Springs is a major cash cow. So, what do they do to oppose the referendum? They pull out the race card. They say that the referendum is "racially punitive for the county's minority residents because it allows a largely white group to decide something that affects minorities". Come on. Did the "whites" in Sandy Springs even have a voice about how their money was used all these years to racially reward the minorities in Fulton County? No. Did they have a voice in how their money was used by corrupt Mayor Bill Campbell and to finance his buddies? No. Now they want all Fulton County residents to vote if Sandy Springs should be incorporated. That's like asking for a vote in Britain if the Americans could form their own country.

Posted: 2005-05-05 09:57:29

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