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For the past several months, I've been trying to find a new web hosting provider. For years, I was using Affordable Host. But, in April 2005, they got bought out by dotCanada. And when they screwed up my invoice, I figured it was time to find another provider. So, I started to look into reseller accounts to host all the other domains that I have.

After some searching, I decided to go with Reyox. They have great reseller plans. They also offer SSH access and have an online forum for support. But, I had an issue with them for over 2 weeks that they didn't resolve. And their ticket response was not that fast, so I was getting the impression that it was a one man shop. So, I started searching again.

Then I decided to go with Lypha. Their reseller plan was not too bad either. But, after I signed up, I found out that though they do give SSH access, it's only to the main account, not to any of the client accounts. That would not be acceptable.

After more searching, I'm now with Site5. And after signing up with them today, I'm already impressed. They have a unique plan called the MultiSite plan that allows unlimited domain hosting, but you can't resell them. Since I own all my domains anyways, it's perfect for me. And though they don't use Cpanel, they have their own custom written backend software that looks much nicer than Cpanel. Their service guarantee is also unique in that they'll give you credit for the amount of time the servers are down. They have an active forum. And right now, they're also giving $50 credit for switching from another provider, which I was also able to get. So far, I'd highly recommend Site5.

Posted: 2005-08-08 22:08:58

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