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I tried Reyox and all I can say is that they suck pretty bad. I tried to give them a chance, but their level of service and professionalism is probably the worst I've seen in any webhosting company. I had high hopes for them since they seem to get good reviews, but I've not experienced any of it. It started when I had problems with their outgoing mail service. It was not resolved for over 2 weeks. By that time, I decided to cancel my service. Then they said that they refunded me, but it was not on my credit card statement. But, another charge was on my statement! Then they disputed that. So, I scanned a copy of two months of credit card statements and sent it to them. They finally agreed to give me back for one month charge. But, not for the original month that I cancelled for. Then they sent me back this nasty email:

I'm only going to say this one more time:

If you have proof that you were charged wrongly provide the proof. Otherwise,
stop harassing our company. We provided you with a refund and provided you
with proof that we refunded you that money. You have provided NO proof.

If this harassment continues I will get our lawyer to resolve it for us. This
is getting ridiculous.

Sean S Jellema

Harassment because I simply want my money back?! I've provided proof through my credit card statements and they say I haven't provided proof? And actually, they are the ones with no proof that they've ever refunded me until I kept asking about it. And then they only refunded what they wrongly charged me. Well, I'm only out $20. But, it's a lesson for me never to deal with them again. And hopefully this will serve as a warning for others as well not to deal with them also.

Posted: 2005-08-23 14:22:00

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