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I got this email yesterday after lunch:

Apparently there are emergency reports that there is going to be a gas shortage for Atlanta and many pumps will be shut off at 2:00 in the Atlanta area. Something to do with some busted pipes between here and Louisiana because of the hurricane. They are predicting as much as 5.00 per gallon by nightfall in some parts of Atlanta. I could not find a news report, but just in case you might want to go. Katrina’s sister is married to a police officer and they have been instructed to get gas before 3:00.

And apparently lots of other people got similar emails and there was a panic at the gas stations yesterday afternoon and evening. Driving home yesterday, there were long lines to all the gas stations with the price for regular unleaded at $3 a gallon. Yesterday morning, I had filled up for $2.69 a gallon. In some parts of Atlanta last night, gas was even around $5 a gallon. Instead of panicking, all people had to do was wait a little bit to avoid all the headache of waiting in long lines. This morning, lines were back to normal.

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Posted: 2005-09-01 07:52:11

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