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Our family went to Callaway Gardens yesterday. On Mondays, 5 adults can get in free with every child under 5.

The gardens has changed a lot since the last time we went 4 years ago. They built a new Discovery Center and rerouted a lot of roads. They also have a shuttle now between some of the major attractions.

Another new thing is the live birds of prey presentation. The Harris Hawk was interesting. It is the only bird of prey to hunt in packs. Also, they have been seen to do backstanding. One bird will sit on a cactus. A second bird will sit on the first bird's back. And a third bird have been seen to sit on the second bird's back. I was hoping they'd do a demonstration of that, but unfortunately they didn't.

They also had a Bald Eagle. It didn't look as majestic as the back of a quarter. It's upper beak was bent in a peculiar way. The demonstrator explained that it's caused by PCB exposure. It's sad to see how we've destroyed the beauty of our American symbol.

Posted: 2002-05-07 10:19:54

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