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Well, to bring my audience up to date (all you spambots, searchbots, and a few humanoids), we are now the proud owners of a new house. We actually moved in on my birthday last month. And it's been a very busy time these past months (actually more like a year) and probably for the next several months also. We took the audacious move of buying a new house before selling the old one. So, actually, we are now the proud owners of two houses. Though I'd financially prefer only owning one house at a time, there was no way for us to manage it. Having to take care of a fussy toddler, two energitic kids, and a wife (and not to mention also having to work), it was easier to clean out by moving things to the new house. It has actually been a very trying time these past months. But, thank God I have a job that allows me to work from home. Otherwise, I'd have a complete breakdown instead of just a partial breakdown.

This is the first time that I've bought a brand new spanking house. The other two houses I've owned have been used. And it's great to be able to live in a new construction. But, even a new house has cons as well as pros. People have said that old houses are built better than the new ones. And I see that now. In our 35 year old house, the kids could jump up and down all the time on the floor and floors didn't creak. In our 1 month old house, we have to tell the kids not to jump so much. The hardwood floor here should also be called softwood instead. I've dented the floor just by dropping my watch on it. But, it's great not having dust, mold, spiders, roaches, and other miscellaneous bugs everywhere as compared to our old house.

Our old house will soon be on the market (most likely today). And it's been a difficult time trying to price it. Houses in our neighborhood have been all over the place. Some list in the high 500's. Most list in the low 300's. However, only one has sold in the 500s. Most have sold in the low 300s. But, though our house doesn't have much upgrades, it has one of the largest lots (.8 acre).

Another reason we decided to have two houses at the same time is that there'd be no way we can show the old house while we were still living in it. Our house was packed with junk and we'd have to move it all out in storage. And it'd be next to impossible to keep it clean with 3 kids. And we'd have to schedule the showings around our meals, homeschooling, shopping, work, naptime and sleeptime, which basically leaves about 45 minutes.

We moved 15 miles north to Alpharetta. One nice thing is that there are a lot more homeschoolers in this area than in Sandy Springs (where private schooling is usually the option of choice). Another nice thing is that there are a whole lot more Asians here, mostly Koreans and Indians. But, it does take longer to drive to shopping since everything is so spread apart. However, we are within walking distance of a park, a library, and Publix.

Posted: 2006-08-23 12:22:01

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