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It's been quite a learning experience buying a new washing machine/dryer for our new house. We did some research on the web and talked with some sales guys at Sears before buying one. Then Sears was having a 10% off web orders one day, so we decided to get the White Kenmore HE2 Plus 3.5 cu. ft. Super Capacity Plus Front Load Washer.

Our laundry room is on the second floor of our new house. It's convenient in that it's located right next to all the bedrooms. But when we started running the washer, we discovered that having a front load washer and being on the second floor is not compatible. During the start of the rinse cycle, it would shake like crazy and even shook the whole house. We had a technician come to take a look, but he said it was level and everything was OK. He said front load washers should ideally be on something solid, like a slab or a basement. In commercial front load washers, they are bolted to the floor. So, we decided to return it since it wasn't working out. But, it was a pain trying to return it. Nobody could give me a straight answer on how much it'd cost to return it. Some say just $60 for the pickup fee. Some say an additional %15 for restocking. Ideally, I wanted to pay nothing to return it, but I was willing to compromise with the pickup fee. After numerous calls, it seems like they'll give me a total refund.

We eventually ended up buying a Whirlpool 3.2 cu. ft. Super Capacity Plus Top Loader Washer from hhgregg. The main reason we got it from them was that they could do next day delivery. And though it's noiser than front loaders, it at least doesn't shake the whole house.

The majority of washers now are front loaders. But I still like the top loaders better. Though front loaders save water and electricity, it takes twice as long to wash. And if it's not secured, it's going to shake. And though front loaders are more gentle on clothes, it doesn't get them as clean as top loaders.

In general, it's a pain to buy a washer/dryer. You can't find out how well it works until you get it in your house since they don't run them in the store. And next time I'm not going to buy an appliance from the internet. Nobody will take responsibility for it if something goes wrong.

Posted: 2006-09-15 10:50:31

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