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It's been quite busy the past several weeks. SL's parents and my parents came over two weeks ago and both sets are staying with us. Good thing we have 5 bedrooms. And add on top of that at work it's been very busy with the go-live date just around the corner, so it's been a scramble to fix all the bugs. And I was on-call last week, so it was even busier for me. And also we've had to clean the old house since we have someone interested in it.

Last Friday, I took a personal day off and we were planning on going to the North Georgia mountains. But, unfortunately, it rained all day so we cancelled that. So, we decided to go visit the Georgia Aquarium instead. It was the first time for all of us and it was OK. I guess with all the hype about it being the biggest one in the world, we all had big expectations. Yes, it was big, but it didn't seem that big. One thing though I did enjoy seeing was the jellyfish.

On Saturday, it cleared up around noon, so we decided then to go to Helen. I searched on the internet for someplace to go to and found a list of scenic drives. We went to the one near Helen. There were a ton of people in Helen for the Oktoberfest. But, there were almost no people looking at the leaves at the scenic drive. And it was probably the perfect time to see it with the leaves at the height of their color.

Today, there were activities at ATPC and Clear Springs Baptist Church. So, the kids got a ton of toys and candy today.

Pictures of this past weekend are here.

Posted: 2006-10-29 23:14:04

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