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1. Draw closer to God

2. Draw closer to others
- Think about them
- Show care

3. Changes things
- Sometimes changes circumstances
- Always changes our hearts

4. God wants us to pray. God expects us to pray. God delights when we pray.

5. Show our dependence on God
- When we don't pray, we are basically saying that we don't need God.
- We acknowledge that God is sovereign when we pray.

6. Gateway to the spiritual realm
- Besides the Bible, there is no other way to the spiritual world.

7. Know what's going on
- Through prayer requests
- Through revelations from God

8. Time to be open and bare the soul
- Prayer is one time in which it's safe to be totally open and vulnerable

9. Get guidance, correction, knowledge of what to do

10. Prayer is the highest calling.
- It's more important than any activity we can partake in.

11. Time to step back from the business of life
- Slow down
- Reflect
- To be still and quiet

12. Jesus prayed.
- Even the Son of God prayed. Who are we to think we can live without prayer?
- Jesus is even now interceeding for us.

Posted: 2007-02-14 17:08:20

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