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Last week, I had a business trip to Savannah. And as usual, our entire family went along. Unfortunately, it pretty much rained the entire time we were down there. However, on Friday, it cleared up. So, we decided to go spend the night at Jekyll Island.

I think I might've visited Jekyll Island a long time ago, but I don't remember a thing.

The island is largely undeveloped, but there are a number of hotels and restaurants. There is one gas station and one small grocery store. There are no fast food restaurants there. There is a fee of $3 a day to stay on the island. There is also a small water park there.

We stayed at the Jekyll Island Oceanfront Resort. And we got a coupon at the welcome center and was able to get it for $90 a night. It was a good deal and I'd recommend staying there. The restaurant at the hotel, Capital, was also pretty decent. And the breakfast bar was also a good deal. And being right next to the ocean was convenient.

We had visited the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. And it was good timing for us since it just opened less than a month ago. There's not really much to see there. But, one thing interesting they offered was night walks to go find sea turtles laying their eggs. Unfortunately, it was booked for that night. Next month, they'll start having walks to see the baby turtles hatch.

Pictures of the trip

Posted: 2007-06-25 12:03:26

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