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I got a Zune player for my birthday. And I actually like it. The controls aren't as slick as an iPod, but it works well. One nice thing is the FM radio receiver that is built in. And since WMP is what I use on my laptop, it syncs well with it. Though I wish it could also play music that I've purchased by downloading. (I overcame this by burning the downloaded music to a CD and then ripping them.)

It came in real fancy packaging. And the case for the player is pretty much useless. So, I went out and bought a Belkin case. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite fit perfectly.

I was surprised at how fast the syncing is. Though I've only tried syncing music and pictures. I've yet to figure out how to copy something from a DVD to the Zune (without paying $30 for software to do it). Only big restriction I found with syncing is that you can't use the Zune while it's plugged into the USB.

I also don't really get the point of the "social" aspect of the Zune. I don't really care about seeing what other music others are listening to. It would be neat though if it could sync with my laptop through the wifi.

The music that comes preinstalled are kinda lame too. I deleted all of them since they aren't worth listening to.

Overall, I'm happy with the Zune and will using it quite often.

Posted: 2007-08-04 22:25:39

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