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I was reading through Facebook last night, and I read that my cousin's family here in Atlanta got robbed! And this was no ordinary robbery. The robbers broke through the front door, tied them up, then went through the house looking for stuff. Fortunately, nobody got hurt and they didn't appear to have stolen much stuff. But the fact that the robbers were bold (and dumb) enough to bust down the front door while people were inside is shocking. And being tied up raises it to another level.

When I called them last night, they were surprised that I knew about it. They hadn't told anyone about it. Well, a lot of people reading my cousin's blog knew about it before I did.

The neighborhood that they live in hasn't had a major robbery in it for years. Aunt says several years ago someone's lawnmower got stolen. And it's an upper middle class neighborhood, though the houses there are over 30 years old. The problem is the county is not very good. I had asked if the robbers were black. She said "Of course." I try not to be prejudiced by race, but I can't say that events like this do not affect my perceptions.

I can't imagine the sense of fear that would be planted after you've been tied up and robbed in your own home. I think my reaction would be to move out to a safer county.

Posted: 2007-08-20 09:08:52

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