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I figured out a way to download Youtube videos (or any other flash videos) to my Zune. And of course for free.

I used Ares Tube to download the Youtube videos (it'll also work with many other sites). It'll save them as .flv files. Then I used SUPER to convert the file from .flv to .wmv (select the output container as wmv). At first, I kept getting "An ERROR has occurred" when I tried to convert the files. It turns out that it was because I have a Cygwin shell open. After I closed them, I was able to convert the files.

I had also tried the Zunemytube IE plugin. But I couldn't get it to work.

After it gets converted to wmv, you can categorize them a bit by using a WMV metadata editor. Set it to "TV show" and the titles the same with different episodes.

Now I'm going to start working on putting Adam Gussow's blues harmonica lessons on my zune...

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Posted: 2007-09-19 11:38:45

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