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Highlights of 2007:
- Our family became members of Clear Springs Baptist Church.
- Started playing racquetball again. There has been a group of guys who meet everyday weekday morning to play racquetball at the gym. So, it's been easy to find someone to play with.
- Started my web consulting firm, Ecodia. And also got a paying client!
- Started to attend the NFL Luncheon after years of absence.
- Visited the Men Step Up Bible Study.
- Kids started Chinese class on Sunday afternoons at the Chinese Church.
- Sarena started taking ice skating lessons at the Cooler.
- Kids started swimming lessons at the YMCA.
- Debated the book The God Delusion.
- Kids started attending Abbotts Hill Elementary. We've been homeschooling the kids prior to this, so this is the first time they've ever attended public school. And it went smoother than I anticipated. Pretty much the hardest part is trying to get the kids up at 6:15 in the morning.
- Zach started going to Puggle class in AWANA.
- Zach can read and write. And he just turned 3! Now, if he can only be potty trained...
- Learned how to juggle three balls. I'm trying to juggle with pins now.
- Discovered Adam Gussow and trying to learn the blues harmonica.
- Church found a fulltime pastor.
- Became the Sunday School Director.
- First time being an assistant Basketball coach with Upward.
- Produced the Clear Springs Baptist Church website.
- Started playing Astro Empires. And they are right, it is addictive.
- Went to Jekyll Island, Washington DC, Asheville, and Houston.
- Got back into actively trading stocks. Which is not necessarily a good thing.
- My employer, VeriSign, announced that they will be divesting our division. So, sometime next year our division will most likely be sold off.

Posted: 2007-12-12 11:44:43

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