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During the past several Sunday evenings, I gave four talks at church on the "Creation of God". It was the first time that I've ever given a series on Creationism. Since everyone pretty much believed what I believed, it was an easy talk to give. The only time people seemed to be at odds with what I was saying was when I said I believed in the Big Bang. But, after I went into more detail about it, people seemed to accept my version of the Big Bang, or more correctly, the White Hole Model.

Afterwards, Pastor Jonathan said I should give this talk to the surrounding churches. And I'd be open to it. And I'm also now starting to contemplate about trying to write a book on this.

Here are the talks that I gave:
Creation of God - Universe
Creation of God - Earth
Creation of God - Life
Creation of God - Flood

Posted: 2008-02-19 09:32:40

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