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Incredible, 2.2 million percent inflation rate in Zimbabwe. According to XE, 1.00 USD = 18,681,527,512.36 ZWD.

recounts a weekly shop costing $514billion, which she paid for by debit card. The shop till could only ring up $9 billion, so the card had to be swiped 57 times.

A simple pasta lunch for three yesterday cost $1.3 trillion - for cash.
'We are all billionaires who can afford nothing.That is why I hate that old man'

One major commercial bank said its automated teller machines are not configured to dispense multi-zero withdrawals and freeze in what it called a "data overflow error." Software writers are busy writing programs to try to overcome the problem.

Zimbabweans battle money shortages as collectors buy hundred billion dollar notes on eBay

Unemployment is at 80%. 1.2 trillion Zimbabwe dollars for 1.
1.2 trillion Zimbabwe dollars for 1

Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe
Reserve bank of Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe introduces $100 billion banknotes

Posted: 2008-07-27 06:42:46

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