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For the past week, I've been in a debate on Creationism vs. Evolutionism at Rice Bowl Journals.

As expected, it was quite a "lively" debate. Two of the ardent creationist posters even have me written up in their journals: Raymond and DrPooh.

Today I posted my closing arguments:

This has been an interesting debate and I appreciate the posts of everyone here. I could go on an on with my questions, but I would like to conclude with my closing arguments.

First, I want to emphasize that both creationism and evolutionism are theories. I think most people acknowledge that. There is no way to "prove" either. The only way you can state either as a fact is not from a scientific viewpoint, but from a religious viewpoint. Whether you are a theist,atheist, or agnostic.

Second, there are many things that evolutionism cannot explain. And to fill in those gaps, it takes faith. For example, how did the Big Bang get started? How did all animals and plants macro-evolve? Where are the transitional life forms? How did the first single cell form? What does the "evolutionary tree" look like? Science cannot answer any of these, it can only guess.

Third, there are many valid arguments on the creationism side. I have posted a lot of questions in this forum. And I have also presented a theory that answered all my questions. Yet, evolutionism leaves many of my questions unanswered. For example, why were animals and plants so large in the past? What formed the ocean canyons? What formed the mid-Atlantic ridge that spans practically from the north pole to the south pole? Why do we have such huge coal deposits?

Fourth, please think for yourself. Don't just blindly accept your evolution teachers. Ask yourself, does this really make sense? Go find facts and reason them out yourself. When I became a Christian, I could not blindly accept creationism. I spent a long time studying creationism. And though I was biased, it made sense after I learned more about it.

Posted: 2002-05-22 09:54:58

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