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Frenzied Financials Week 3

Finance, Current Events

1. Congress fails to pass Paulson plan
2. Citigroup Plans Buying Banking Operations of Wachovia
3. Biggest point drop ever in major indexes (Dow 777 point drop)
4. Dow dead cat bounce of 500 points on Tuesday
5. Senate passes own $700 bill
6. Catalyst Energy loses credit, files Chapter 11
7. Buffett $3 billion investment in General Electric
8. Financial companies borrow record amount from Fed
9. Wells to buy Wachovia for over $16 billion
10. U.S. Sheds 159,000 Jobs; 9th Straight Monthly Drop
11. Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 passes Congress and White House
12. Dow falls 157 on Friday

At least gas stations here are starting to have gas now.

Posted: 2008-10-03 20:35:02

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