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Frenzied Financials Week 9

Finance, Current Events

China $586 billion stimulus
DHL cuts 9,500 jobs in US
Government increases AIG bailout to $150 billion
Circuit City files for bankruptcy
Dow down 73 on Mon
AmEx becomes a bank
Dow down 176 on Tues
Paulson says troubled assets will not be purchased
Dow down 411 on Wed
Germany enters recession
Economic group says developed world in recession
Jobless claims hit 25-year high
Dow up 552 on Thu
Eurozone enters first recession
Sun to cut up to 6,000 workers, 18 pct of staff
Freddie loses $25.3B in Q3
Dow down 337 on Fri
Gift cards now backed by FDIC

Posted: 2008-11-15 10:08:18

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