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Frenzied Financials Week 12

Current Events, Finance

October construction spending drops 1.2 percent
Manufacturing index drops to 26-year low
US officially in recession
Bush is sorry the economic crisis is occurring
Dow down 680 on Mon
Dow up 270 on Tues
Private sector loses 250,000 jobs in Nov
Dow up 172 on Wed
AT&T to cut 12,000 jobs
Europeans make big rate cuts
BoE down 100 bps to 2.0%
ECB down 75 bps to 2.50%
Sweden down 175 bps to 2.0%
Dow down 215 on Thu
Employers cut 533K jobs in Nov., most in 34 years
Dow up 259 on Fri

Posted: 2008-12-07 08:54:39

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