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From page 75 of Organic Church:
I suggested this to one church planter in Atlanta, and he followed this simple advice. The officer told him he should go to Crystal Cove, which has become known as "Crystal-Meth Cove." The man and his wife, with a lump in their throats, began to walk through that part of town praying. Soon a door opened, literally and figuratively, and a church was started that now has started other churches in adjoining neighborhoods.

Our family just got back from visiting this organic church. It was at a small house and packed with about 15 kids and 3 other adult couples. One couple brought 9 boxes of pizza. The kids were all around the house eating, chatting, playing guitar, and texting. It was held at a home where it was obvious it was a home away from home for these kids. And I could see why. The mom there radiated the love of Christ to these hurting kids. When it was time for "church", we all sang some songs, then prayed, then broke up into groups for questions. Kids acted up most of the time, but that's how kids are. But, what was neat was those kids wanted to be there. And they came to be in a church "service". All of them by themselves, without their parents. Most of them didn't realize that their group is mentioned in a book. (But of course the leaders knew.) I told them that was one reason why we visited.

What did I think of the meeting? It was raw. It was down-to-earth. It was real. I think Jesus could've fit right in. And I think he did.

Posted: 2009-09-04 21:15:09

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