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- You want to speak to the pastor, but can only book a time with one of the associate pastors 3 months from now.
- It takes longer to get in and out of the parking lot than how long the service lasts.
- You can barely make out the pastor speaking if it weren't for the 100 ft big screen.
- When overflow rooms A, B, and C are full and you have to watch the sermon on TV in the church hallway.
- It takes longer to serve communion than it took Jesus to feed the 5000.
- When the church forms a worship band just for the kids ages 8-12 group.
- You've been going for years and still don't know anybody there.
- There are more people on staff than most companies have employees.
- When you're a member and someone asks you if you're a visitor.
- Kentucky Fried Chicken asks if they can have a spot next to the Starbucks inside the church.

Posted: 2010-02-22 10:28:06

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