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I was clearing some weeds last week. And I was trying to be careful to avoid touching poison ivy, but apparently not careful enough. I got it all over my left arm, chest, and leg. It was the worst case I've ever gotten in my life. How could I've gotten it so badly? Today, after reading some sites on poison ivy, I realized how I got it. I didn't know that there are many types of poison ivy and there are types that also climb trees. That must've been it. I was pulling those things off, not realizing they were poison ivy and it got all over me.

Sites to learn more about poison ivy:
Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac Information Center
FDA - Outsmarting Poison Ivy and Its Cousins
The Police Notebook
American Academy of Dermatology

Besides poison ivy, we also are being taken over by the ground ivy. Here are some links about those:
Getting rid of ivy
Ground Ivy

Posted: 2002-06-07 16:38:07

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