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- Once upon a virus...
- Oregon county creates race-specific 'grounding space' to escape 'whiteness' during pandemic
- Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance
- FDA authorizes remdesivir for emergency use as coronavirus treatment
- Saudi Officials Say Whopping 70% Of Mecca's Population Likely Infected With COVID-19
- Data Shows World Rejecting Governments' Shelter-In-Place Tyranny
- Security guard shot and killed after telling customer to use face mask
- China 'finds new coronavirus strain that lasts for 49 days' in infected patient
- Scientist Whose Doomsday Models Sparked Global Lockdown Resigns After Breaking Quarantine To Bang Married Lover
- White House Plans To "Wind Down" Coronavirus Task Force In Coming Weeks
- Trump Says Coronavirus Task Force to Shift Focus to Safety and Reopening Economy
- 3 Hospital Workers Gave Out Masks. Weeks Later, They All Were Dead.

- What You Need to Know About Govt. Grants, Loans, and Forbearance to Survive the Pandemic Economy
- Berkshire Sells Entire Stakes in US Airlines
- More than 700 lawsuits have been filed across the US against fitness clubs, SXSW, airlines and prisons as Americans get fed up with coronavirus practices from businesses
- Here's what you didn't see inside Warren Buffett's annual meeting
- U.S. Public Debt Increases More In April Than During Entire 2019
- From Houston to New York, America’s Muni Finances Are in Tatters
- Treasury's $4 Trillion Funding Task Signals Record Auction Slate
- US Manufacturers New Orders Crash BY Most Ever (And April Will Be Worse)
- Elon Musk Puts Two Homes On The Market After Tweeting He Would Sell Most Of His "Physical Possessions"
- J. Crew Files For Bankruptcy As Covid Chaos Crushes Retailers
- Muscle'd Out: Gold's Gym Files For Chapter 11 Due To Government Lockdowns
- The U.S. Treasury plans to borrow a record $3 trillion in the second quarter for coronavirus relief — more than twice what it borrowed in all of fiscal 2019
- Top Amazon executive quits over the firings of warehouse workers and climate activists
- Renters Now Have 12 Months To Repay Unpaid Rent In Santa Monica
- For Disney, a Stricken Empire
- Cancel Rent
- The Great Disconnect: Stocks and Just About Everything Else
- WeWork co-founder Adam Neumann sues SoftBank over collapse of $3 billion deal
- Service side of the U.S. economy crashes in April to recession levels, ISM shows
- The Choice For These Workers: Return To Their Jobs Amid A Pandemic Or Lose Them
- Airbnb To Lay Off 1,900 Employees As Tourism Industry Collapses
- Frontier Airlines Will Guarantee Empty Middle Seat For $39
- 18 Signs That We Are Facing A Record Breaking Economic Implosion In 2020
- Yields Surge After Treasury Announces Record $96BN In Treasury Refunding, Launches 20-Year Coupon Bond
- "Unprecedented" - Companies Slashed Over 20 Million Jobs In April, ADP
- Lord & Taylor to liquidate its stores as soon as they reopen, sources say
- Lufthansa to pay no dividend for 2019 as airline seeks bailout
- Double Black Swan Hitting Texas Drags Down the Rest of the U.S.
- "Biblical" Wave Of Bankruptcies Is About To Flood The US
- Economic expert with perfect record calling recessions is betting this one will be over by the end of 2020
- Why Wednesday's historic jobs data was 'not really news'
- 3.2 Million Filed for Unemployment Benefits
- It Begins: For The First Time Ever, Futures Price "Fatal" Negative US Rates Starting Dec 2020
- Neiman Marcus Files For 'Prepack' Bankruptcy, Joining J Crew
- US Consumer Credit Unexpectedly Crashes As Americans Repay A Record Amount Of Credit Card Debt
- Worst Jobs Report In History: 20.5 Million Jobs Lost As Unemployment Rate Hits Record 14.7%
- The Nasdaq Is Now Bigger Than The Rest Of The World's Stock Market
- Something Odd Is Going On In Parking Lots Around The US
- A Tragic Record: For The First Time Ever, More Than Half Of The US Population Is Not Working

- White House blocking Fauci from testifying before Congress about coronavirus response
- California First To Be Approved For Up To $10 Billion Bailout From Feds To Pay Unemployment Benefits
- Knock, Knock. We're From The Government & We Want Your Family's Blood

- 'Kim's condition has been upgraded to 'alive!': Internet reacts with hilarious memes to claims Kim Jong-un is alive after photos of dictator are released for the first time in 20 days following rumours he had died
- Rights groups call for probe into Venezuela prison riot that left 46 dead
- Spain Seeks Another Bailout as Deficit Skyrockets
- Locusts, pandemics, floods: East Africa can’t catch a break
- First Quarter Declines in Asia’s Luxury Home Values Foretell Price Falls Elsewhere
- 'Economic Fallout Accelerated' - Hong Kong Records Worst Contraction In History
- Greece sees economy tanking this year on coronavirus impact: stability programme
- Italy begins to reopen
- Three Russian doctors fall from hospital windows, raising questions amid coronavirus pandemic
- Quarter of all UK workers paid to stay home on government scheme
- India’s Jobless Rate Jumps to 27.1%, Survey Says
- Zimbabwe Begs For Aid To Avoid "Collapse"
- BoE Warns Of Worst Economic Slump In 300 Years
- Venezuela charges Americans with terrorism, conspiracy

- Blue Angels, Thunderbirds fly over Atlanta in salute to first responders
- Georgia's Reopening Has Been 'A Disaster' For Some Retailers Desperate For Revenue
- Atlanta mayor reacts to packed streets on Cinco de Mayo
- White father, son charged with murder in Ahmaud Arbery case

- Cops in tense stand-off with thousands of protesters demanding California beaches are reopened after Gov. Gavin Newsom's shut them down to contain coronavirus
- Protests mark growing unrest with California stay-home order
- Dallas salon owner jailed for reopening in violation of court order
- Thousands Donate To GoFundMe For Jailed Salon Owner Who Stood Up To Judge In Viral Video

Real estate
- Commercial Real Estate Already Gets Hit in Europe: Prices for Retail Properties Plunge, Office Prices Sink
- Kentucky REALTORS report sellers aren’t yet reducing prices as buyers stop looking
- Massive Drop in Homebuyer Interest

- Bone-Chilling WTF Charts of the Collapse in US Demand for Gasoline, Jet Fuel, and Diesel

- U.S. beef output is down way more than shutdowns suggest
- Meat Shortages Leave Wendy’s Diners Asking, ‘Where’s the Beef?’
- Costco is limiting how much meat customers can buy
- Beef Prices Explode To Record High As More Stores Limit Meat Purchases
- The American meat shortage is pushing prices to unprecedented heights — here's how it could affect your grocery bill

- Coronavirus survivors banned from joining the military

- We Should All Be Preppers

- Newspaper’s Top Editor Is Now a ‘Homeless’ Blogger
- NBC News Chairman Andy Lack Stepping Down

- Record heat returns to the West and record cold plunges into the East

- Tracking the ‘Murder Hornet’: A Deadly Pest Has Reached North America

- Some States Slowly Reopen for Business: Pictures

- We Are Living in a Failed State
- To save the economy, the Federal Reserve should drop interest rates to less than zero
- A radical idea to rescue U.S. households now—without adding to the national debt

Posted: 2020-05-08 17:51:40

- From French word bouillon ("boiling")
- Gold, silver in the form of bars, ingots, or specialized (uncirculated) coins

Bullion banking
- Banking based on gold
- Uses fractional reserve system (15,000 times)
- Book money (non-allocated gold certificates - 1.5 million tonnes) is derived from base money (physical bullion - 100 tonnes).
- Around 35 bullion banks in the World
- Customers: central banks, precious metals brokers, financial institutions, investment funds, mining companies, precious metals refineries, precious metals mints, jewellery fabricators, bullion wholesalers, and industrial fabricators.

- London Bullion Market Association (LBMA)
- Trades unallocated gold over the counter (OTC)
- Determines gold spot price
- Twice each business day, five members of The London Gold Market Fixing Ltd. meet to determine gold trading prices ("benchmarks") - Sociét é Générale, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, and Scotiabank
- 13 market makers - BNP Paribas, Citibank, Goldman Sachs International, HSBC, ICBC Standard Bank, JP Morgan Chase, Merrill Lynch International, Morgan Stanley & Co International, Société Générale, Standard Chartered Bank, The Bank of Nova Scotia – Scotia Mocatta, Toronto-Dominion Bank and UBS.
- 95% of Transactions in the London Precious Metals Markets are in Unallocated Metal

- Commodity Exchange (COMEX)
- Run by Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)
- Operates in World Financial Center in Manhattan
- Trades cash-settled gold, silver, copper futures contracts
- Determines gold futures price
- Prices determined by free market
- Over 381,000 contracts per day
- Open for trading 24 hours a day
- Mostly used for hedging and are not typically delivered upon
- Less than 1% of the trades actually go to delivery
- COMEX does not supply precious metals

Exter Inverted Pyramid
- Created by John Exter
- Visualization of asset classes in terms of risk and size
- Gold is at base of all assests which has no counter-party risk nor credit risk
- Top of inverted pyramid is over $640 trillion in derivatives

The Secret World of Bullion Banking: Who Sets Gold Prices?
Bullion Banking
Wikipedia - Bullion
Trading COMEX Gold and Silver
Bullion Banking Mechanics
Bullion Banking 101
John Exter’s Inverted Pyramid of Assets
The Exter Inverted Pyramid of Global Liquidity Credit risk, Liquidity and Gold
The looming derivative crisis

Posted: 2020-05-03 21:22:03

- Singaporean who breached coronavirus stay-home notice to eat bak kut teh sentenced to 6 weeks' jail
- Sunday’s Boston Globe runs 21 pages of death notices as coronavirus continues to claim lives
- Losing It: 72% Of Locked-Down Americans Say They’ll Reach ‘Breaking Point’ By Mid-June
- McCaughey: Homemade Masks Only 2 Percent Effective
- Coronavirus antibody tests have "really terrible" accuracy, researcher says
- CDC Extends Social Distancing Guidelines To Apply To Pets
- Dozens Of Bodies Found In Unrefrigerated Trucks Near Brooklyn Funeral Home

- Coronavirus cash crunch leading to more Americans withdrawing from 401k accounts
- The coronavirus has caused a wave of early retirement
- Unprecedented Pace Of Corporate Debt Issuance Has Crippled Corporate Fundamentals
- Mnuchin: 'You're going to see the economy really bounce back in July, August, September'
- COVID-19 jobless rates will be comparable to Great Depression: Trump economic adviser
- White House Economic Adviser: Q2 GDP Will Be Biggest Negative Number Since Great Depression; -20% To -30%
- GM Suspends Dividend, Stock Buyback Program To Preserve Cash
- For Houston, a One-Two Punch: ‘It’s Going to Be Devastating’
- Mnuchin Says It's "Highly Unlikely" Fed Will Buy Stocks; "Poorly Managed States" Won't Get Bailout
- Tesla Drops Its D&O Insurance, Says Elon Musk Will Now "Personally Provide Coverage"
- Why Illinois Is In Trouble – 109,881 Public Employees With $100,000+ Paychecks Cost Taxpayers $14B
- Uber reportedly may cut around 20% of workforce; CTO resigns
- Coronavirus Relief Often Pays Workers More Than Work
- Greenspan Sees Rebound After 'Pretty Awful' Second Quarter
- The U.S. economy shrank at a 4.8% annual rate in the first quarter, its biggest contraction since the recession in 2008.
- Dividend Massacre in This Crisis is Already Breaking Records, But it Just Started
- U.S. jobless claims climb 3.8 million in late April to push coronavirus total to 30 million
- US Consumer Spending Collapses By Record, Worse Annual Drop Than Peak Of Lehman Crisis
- Fed’s Powell Says More Spending Will Be Needed From Congress
- US pending home sales sank 20.8% in March
- U.S. Stocks Have Their Best Month Since 1987
- Consumer Spending Plunges Record 7.5% on Virus Fears, Job Losses
- April Will Be The Worst Month On Record For Auto Sales
- $6.66 Trillion
- Investors Baffled By Soaring Stocks In ‘Monster’ Depression
- New orders reading in key ISM factory index is at its worst since the 1950s
- Stymied in Seeking Benefits, Millions of Unemployed Go Uncounted
- Congressman warns national debt could reach $30 trillion by end of September
- US Manufacturing Surveys Show Record Collapse In Output, Orders, & Jobs
- Amazon Extends Work-From-Home Policy Through Oct. 2
- Mnuchin Requests Private Schools Return PPP Loans
- Elon Musk tweets that Tesla shares are ‘too high’
- U.S. Homeowners are Increasingly Delaying Mortgage Payments

- Trump says briefings not worth his time after disinfectant gaffe
- Gavin Newsom Declares California a ‘Nation-State’
- Trump Says 'COVID Reparations' Coming: US Will Bill China At Least $160 Billion
- "I Don't Need A Lecture": Pelosi Praises Biden For His Response To Sexual Assault Allegations Despite Biden Not Responding
- Biden Denies Tara Reade’s Assault Allegation: ‘This Never Happened’
- The Finance 202: Trump officials spook economists with talk of skipping debt payments to China
- Trump Will Thwart Investment of US Pension Funds In China
- Why Won’t TV News Book Tara Reade?
- Prominent Democratic women are standing by Joe Biden amid Tara Reade's sexual assault claim

- Japan mayor under fire for 'women dawdle at shops' remark
- ‘There Are No Viruses Here’: Leader of Belarus Scoffs at Lockdowns
- Singapore to propose law to enable virtual marriage solemnisations amid Covid-19 outbreak
- New Zealand’s Prime Minister May Be the Most Effective Leader on the Planet
- Central America: Unrest, repression grow amid coronavirus crisis
- From private testing for the rich to unrest in banlieues, coronavirus is highlighting France's stark divide
- Macron issues ultimatum to Europe's German bloc: cough up Covid trillions or lose the single market
- Mexico's Pemex bleeds more red ink in nearly $24 billion quarterly loss
- European Central Bank to allow banks to borrow at minus 1 percent
- Swedish city to dump tonne of chicken manure in park to deter visitors
- Deutsche Bank Capitulates: Starts Charging Negative Rate On All New Deposit Accounts Over €100,000
- UK Headed For "Deep Recession" As Manufacturing Activity Sees Record Slump In April
- In Lockdown, Delhi Is Frozen in Fear and the Present Tense
- Spanish Beach Sprayed With Bleach, Causing “Brutal Damage” to Local Animals

- Georgia unemployment claims reach 1.3M since mid-March

- Reopening Has Begun. No One Is Sure What Happens Next.
- A Few Thousand Protest Stay-at-Home Order at Wisconsin State Capitol
- This Japanese Island Lifted Its Coronavirus Lockdown Too Soon and Became a Warning to the World
- Protests Mount To Reopen the Country: Pictures
- California heat wave draws large crowds to beaches despite stay-at-home order
- 'I want my life back': Germans protest against lockdown
- Governor Set to Close All Beaches and State Parks in California
- Hundreds of protesters, some carrying guns in the state Capitol, demonstrate against Michigan's emergency measures

- Head of Russian hospital falls 50 feet during coronavirus call
- Exasperation Grows Over Delays Trying To Sign Up For Unemployment, ‘People Have No Food, People Are Talking About Suicide’
- Top Manhattan ER doc commits suicide, shaken by coronavirus onslaught
- EMT John Mondello kills himself after less than three months on the job
- Second Russian doctor plunges to their death amid coronavirus outbreak
- Doctor who recovered from coronavirus dies by suicide, police say

- USS Kidd, another Navy warship at sea, reports a coronavirus outbreak

- Violent Food & Fuel Shortage Riots Grip Venezuela Amid COVID-19 Lockdown
- U.S. Reels Toward Meat Shortages and the World May Be Next
- A New Problem Is Brewing in the Beer Industry: One Million Kegs Are Going Stale
- Zimbabwe food crisis worsens with COVID-19 lockdown extension
- American Farms Cull Millions Of Chickens Amid Virus-Related Staff Shortages At Processing Plants
- National Guard Deployed At Nation's Food Banks To Ensure Stability During Unprecedented Times
- USDA let millions of pounds of food rot while food-bank demand soared
- Warnings of unrest mount as coronavirus hits food availability
- Tyson Foods chairman offers dark warning about the food supply chain as processing plants close
- Trump to Invoke Defense Production Act: Who Will Be Forced to Work at Meat Plants?
- Food Lines a Mile Long in America’s Second-Wealthiest State
- Powerful Meat Industry Holds More Sway After Trump’s Order
- McDonalds Starts To Ration Meat Amid Supply Chain "Concerns"
- Kroger is limiting ground beef and pork purchases in some stores
- An Idaho farm is giving away 2 million potatoes so they don’t go to waste

- Why More Than Two Dozen Oil Tankers Are Anchored Off the Southern California Coast
- In 2020 Oil-Exporters' Income Will Plunge By Over $1 Trillion, Forcing Widespread Stock Liquidations
- Diamond Offshore files for bankruptcy, stock plunges
- Exxon Reports First Quarterly Loss In 32 Years

Precious metals
- Australia Flies Gold Bars 11,000 Miles to New York to Ease Supply Squeeze
- The World's Oldest Gold Trader Is Closing
- Silver hasn’t been this cheap in 5,000 years of human history
- After Gold & Oil Contract Chaos, CME Group Secures $7 Billion Credit Line "In Case Of COMEX Member Default"

- Italian Town Creates New Currency to Cope With COVID-19

- 50 million Americans at risk for next severe weather outbreak

- Trump Says 'Unidentified Aerial Phenomena' Clip Is 'Hell of a Video': 'I Just Wonder If It’s Real'
- Harry Reid Says Footage of UFOs 'Only Scratches The Surface'

- Tanker vessels anchored off the coast of Southern California

Posted: 2020-05-01 22:29:41

US Population

- March 2020 US population size: 260 million

Labor force size

- 2020 US labor force size: 164.6 million
- Labor force (workforce) - sum of the employed and the unemployed
- "persons 16 years of age and older residing in the 50 States and the District of Columbia who are not inmates of institutions (penal and mental facilities, homes for the aged), and not on active duty in the Armed Forces"
- Does not include students, retired, homemakers, underemployed, marginally attached workers, discouraged workers


- People 16 years or older who are not employed, but available for work and actively looked for a job within the past four weeks.
- People who would like to work, but haven't actively looked for it in the last month are not counted

Labor force participation rate

- March 2020 labor force participation rate: 62.7%
- Labor force participation rate (LFPR) = Labor Force / Total cohort population
- Labor force participation rate peaked in 2000 with 67.3%
- Male LFPR declining since 1950

Official unemployment rate (U-3)

- Only includes labor force (does not include underemployed, marginally attached workers, discouraged workers)
- Typically only this is mentioned by officials and media

Real unemployment rate (U-6)

- Includes labor force and underemployed, marginally attached workers, discouraged workers
- Generally double the U-3 rate
- Not typically mentioned by officials and media

Wikipedia - Labor force in the United States
FRED - Labor Force Participation Rate
BLS - Civilian labor force participation rate
Real Unemployment Rate With Calculations

Posted: 2020-04-29 07:37:59

- US officials confirm full-scale investigation of whether coronavirus escaped from Wuhan lab
- Chinese Communist Subversion of WHO Undermined Global Pandemic Response
- Covid-19 is rapidly becoming America’s leading cause of death
- Can the coronavirus be spread through farts?
- Coronavirus has mutated into 30 strains and the one ravaging Europe is more deadly than the US strain, Chinese study finds
- In New York’s largest hospital system, 88 percent of coronavirus patients on ventilators didn’t make it
- Elizabeth Warren’s oldest brother has died of coronavirus
- ‘We will not have a vaccine by next winter.’ Like Spanish flu of 1918, CDC says second wave of coronavirus could be ‘even more difficult.’ Will herd immunity help?
- Trump's disinfectant idea shocking and dangerous, doctors say

- The Trickle-Up Bailout
- The Finance 202: Alarming new data show the worst might be ahead in a coronavirus economy
- Walmart to require employees to wear face masks Monday
- Record government and corporate debt risks 'tipping point' after pandemic passes
- Construction industry hit hard, even as states deem it an ‘essential service’
- Coronavirus job losses hit these 10 states the hardest
- Billionaire Branson Asks For Government Money To Save Virgin Atlantic, Claims He ‘Did Not Leave Britain For Tax Reasons’
- Harvard And Other 'Well Endowed' Colleges Face Backlash For Tapping Tens Of Millions In Stimulus Funds
- Fed's National Activity Index Crashes Into Deep Recession Territory
- The Market Is Breaking... Everywhere
- Demand for Bank Notes in Dollars & Euros Spikes Despite Fears of Covid-19 Contaminated Cash
- Oil Crash Accelerates, Rippling to Currencies and Stocks
- Central Banks Have Pumped An Annualized $23.4 Trillion Into The Financial System
- Existing Home Sales Tumble In March, Face 40% Collapse, NAR Warns
- Treasury Yields Are Tumbling... 5Y Just Hit Record Lows
- Here Are The 'Publicly Traded' Companies That Quietly Got A 'Small Business' Bailout
- The Death of the Department Store: ‘Very Few Are Likely to Survive’
- Killed By The Coronavirus Lockdowns: 1000s Of U.S. Businesses That Were Shut Down Will Be Closed Permanently
- Here are the largest public companies taking payroll loans meant for small businesses
- Harvard says to keep stimulus grant after Trump vows it will be returned
- Market Mayhem Meets Liquidity Mismatch: “At Least” 76 Mutual Funds in Europe Were “Gated” in March
- GM And Ford Are One Step Closer To Losing Billions On Used Car Price Plunge
- S&P 500 companies spent $7 trillion on buybacks and dividends and “been rewarded’ by coronavirus bailouts, says Social Capital CEO
- More Than 4 Million Workers Filed Jobless Claims: Live Updates
- US New Home Sales Have Never Dropped This Much In March... Ever
- Treasury Orders Public Companies To Repay PPP Loans Meant For Small Businesses
- Get Ready for the Return of Inflation
- Treasury gives big public companies until May 7 to return loans meant for small businesses
- US Durable Goods Orders Collapse In Early March Data
- US factory orders plunge 14.4% as economy grinds to halt
- "It's The Perfect Storm" - SoftBank Reports Staggering $25 Billion Q1 Loss
- U.S. Fed balance sheet increases to record $6.62 trillion
- Consumer Sentiment Improved In Early April Before Crashing Again
- Major U.S. credit card issuers begin lowering customer spending limits
- The Congressional Budget Office forecasts a $3.7 trillion deficit, a 5.6% economic contraction and an unemployment rate of nearly 12% by year’s end

- This is where all 50 states stand on reopening
- Massachusetts Joins New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Rhode Island's Multi-State Council to Get People Back to Work and Restore the Economy
- Georgia Will Become First State In The US To Reopen: Live Updates
- Trump Temporarily Suspends All Immigration Into The United States
- Trump Announces 60-Day Pause On Immigration For ‘Individuals Seeking Permanent Residency’
- Mayor Lightfoot Says Stay-At-Home Order Could Go Into June
- Trump reverses course, says it's 'too soon' for Georgia Gov. Kemp to reopen state
- "Most, If Not All" Of The American Economy Should Reopen By Summer's End, Mnuchin Says
- Trump signs into law $484 billion bill that replenishes coronavirus aid program for small businesses

- Pentagon to ask U.S. Congress for emergency coronavirus funds to support defense industry

- Riots and looting in Cape Town as Africa suffers 1,000 coronavirus deaths
- Coronavirus journey: The 'last cruise ship on Earth' finally comes home
- German Lawyer Who Criticized Lockdown Arrested, Taken To Psych Ward
- A million Brits are set to have their wages paid by the state as firms rush to join new compensation scheme
- US source: North Korean leader in grave danger after surgery
- Second night of riots as Paris locals react with fury over 'racist' police attacks on minorities during coronavirus lockdown
- Indonesia's Palu endured a triple disaster, now coronavirus looms
- Japan to boost stimulus to $1.1 trillion as virus threatens deeper recession
- China's fiscal revenue plunges 26.1% as virus ravages economy
- Netanyahu and rival Gantz clinch Israel power-sharing dealrm-emergency-governmen
- Israelis Just Showed the World What a Socially Distant Protest Looks Like
- Rampage leaves 18 dead in Canada's worst mass shooting
- Once safer than gold, Canadian real estate now facing its acid test
- Official unemployment numbers don’t show the true crisis for workers affected by coronavirus
- Germany Cancels Oktoberfest Over Coronavirus Fears
- Migrant Areas of Paris Hit With 3rd Consecutive Night of Riots
- Japanese PMI Collapses To Record Low, Signals 10% Crash In GDP
- New coronavirus outbreak in northern China puts city of 11 million on lockdown
- Eurozone economy suffers 'unprecedented' collapse
- Debt Monetization Creeps Closer by the Day in New Zealand
- NZ central bank governor says not ruling out negative interest rates
- BOJ To Launch Unlimited QE, Double Corporate Bond Purchases
- "Unprecedented Damage To The Euro Zone" - European PMIs Hammered By Record Collapse
- When $8 Trillion in Global Fiscal Stimulus Still Isn’t Enough
- Ecuador’s Death Toll During Outbreak Is Among the Worst in the World
- In Pictures: Lockdown adds to India's slum dwellers' woes
- Germany requires everyone to wear a face mask as coronavirus spreads

- Georgia to allow some shuttered businesses to reopen amid pandemic
- Georgia mayors blindsided by Brian Kemp’s decision to let businesses reopen
- ‘There’s nothing essential about going to a bowling alley,’ says Keisha Lance Bottoms
- Georgia's Covid-19 reopening pits white governor against black mayors
- “I’m being forced to choose between my health and my job”: Georgia’s controversial reopening plan, explained
- ‘Wuhan Plague’ plaques found on Atlanta businesses, streets

- Hundreds swarm Florida beaches following reopening amid pandemic
- ‘This Government Is Lucky’: Coronavirus Quiets Global Protest Movements

- More than HALF of Los Angeles workers are now unemployed just one month into coronavirus lockdowns
- Coronavirus Sends One-Fifth of Workers to Unemployment Line in Some States
- States Burn Through Cash for Unemployment Payments
- Coronavirus furloughs begin for more than 100,000 Disney, Best Buy, CarMax workers
- ‘Florida Is a Terrible State to Be an Unemployed Person’

Personal finances
- Who Has Enough Cash to Get Through the Coronavirus Crisis?

- Here's why you should care coronavirus is obliterating the media
- The Coronavirus Is A Media Extinction Event
- News Media Outlets Have Been Ravaged by the Pandemic
- Fighting COVID-19 goes hand-in-han
- “A Darwinian Moment”: The Coronavirus Is Blowing Up the Media Landscape

- "The Hit Is Huge": Colleges Brace For 'Fatal' Blow Of Next Fall As Face-To-Face Instruction Uncertain

- California, rest of the West sinking into a rare mega-drought, scientists say
- California and West suffering worst ‘megadrought’ in centuries, study of tree rings shows
- Southern States Face Giant Hail and Tornadoes for the Second Weekend in a Row
- Severe weather may target one region of US for several weeks

- Historic Oil Crash Sends Canadian Oil Prices Negative
- U.S. oil tumbles toward biggest one-day drop in history, off more than 38% near expiration as crude’s woes continue
- Oil market in ‘super contango’ underlines storage fears as coronavirus destroys crude demand
- In a historic plunge, the U.S. oil May benchmark fell 300% to a negative $37.63 a barrel
- Singapore giant oil trader Hin Leong failed to declare $1.14 billion losses
- Oil export price for Mexico's Pemex dips into negative territory
- World's Biggest Oil ETF Suspends Sales Of Creation Baskets: "This Shock Is Real... Be Very Careful Out There"
- The Third Largest Oil ETN Is Liquidating
- "Yesterday Was Scary, Today Is A Lot More Scary": Black Gold Bloodbath As 'Paper' Oil Plunges Everywhere
- ‘I’m Just Living a Nightmare’: Oil Industry Braces for Devastation
- USO Oil ETF To Execute 1-For-8 Reverse Stock Split
- About 150-years of oil-price history in one chart illustrates crude’s spectacular plunge below $0 a barrel

Precious metals
- "Lethal For Bullion Banks" - The Looming $600 Trillion Derivatives Crisis

- Mile-Long Line Of Cars Waiting ... In Between Luxury Hotels
- It's Not Just Toilet Paper, Seed Shortages Spread As Locked-Down Americans Turn To Growing Their Own Food
- Schools Transform Into ‘Relief’ Kitchens, but Federal Aid Fails to Keep Up
- Meat Prices Suddenly Surge As Food Processing Plants Shut Down, With 1000s Of Tons Left To Spoil
- Food-Shortage Fears Well-Founded? Tyson Closes Nation's Largest Pork Plant Over COVID Concerns
- Five threats to US food supply chains
- Coronavirus pandemic 'will cause famine of biblical proportions'
- Coronavirus-driven CO2 shortage threatens US food and water supply, officials say
- The Meat Number That Makes Even Naysayers Worry About Shortages
- Missouri Pork Plant Workers Say They Can’t Cover Mouths to Cough
- Grocers Hunt for Meat as Coronavirus Hobbles Beef and Pork Plants

- Why it’s not so crazy that stocks are rising even though 26 million people are out of work

Posted: 2020-04-24 16:18:31

- Michigan, Georgia, and Alabama the top states with largest percentage unemployment filings
- On March 14, almost 1 million Georgians filed for unemployment
- Almost 10% unemployment
- 1500% from this time last year
- More claims processed in a single month than the entire year of the 2007 recession
- Sectors affected: accommodation, food services, health care, social assistance, trade
- Size of Georgia unemployment trust fund - $2.5 billion

Coronavirus job losses hit these 10 states the hardest
Georgia Department of Labor: 10 percent state’s entire population filed for unemployment
Georgia struggling with “unprecedented” unemployment levels
Georgia unemployment claims reach record high in March

Posted: 2020-04-21 00:09:14

- Deposits denominated in USD at banks outside the US
- Not under the jurisdiction of the Federal Reserve or SEC
- Eurodollar started in 1950s
- Eurodollar futures started in 1981
- Rate determined by LIBOR
- Single futures contract represents a three-month, $1,000,000 loan
- Biggest source of global funding
- Finances 90% of international trade
- Larger than S&P futures, oil futures, 10yr bond futures

- Eurodollar - Wikipedia
- "Down The Rabbit Hole" - The Eurodollar Market Is The Matrix Behind It All
- Not Good: Eurodollar Futures Curve Sells Off, At The FRONT
- Fire All the Central Bankers While There's Something to Salvage

Posted: 2020-04-18 09:14:54

- Over 50 Cell Towers Vandalized in UK Due to 5G Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories
- The Coronavirus Is Mutating. What Does That Mean for a Vaccine?
- Alcohol does not protect against COVID-19; access should be restricted during lockdown

Business, Economy
- News Media Outlets Have Been Ravaged by the Pandemic
- Disney World furloughing 43,000 more workers
- Businesses seeking coronavirus rescue funds find 'absolute chaos'
- Wells Fargo again urges small business customers to consider other banks for SBA relief loans
- America should be ready for 18 months of shutdowns in ‘long, hard road’ ahead, warns the Fed’s Neel Kashkari
- Dick’s Sporting Goods Is Furloughing Most of Its 40,000 Employees
- A Second Round of Coronavirus Layoffs Has Begun. Few Are Safe.
- Amazon Fires Three More Employees Who Criticized Working Conditions
- Delta reaches agreement with Treasury for CARES Act funds
- ‘Pretty Catastrophic’ Month for Retailers, and Now a Race to Survive
- Over 25% of Michigan Workforce Filed For Unemployment
- Homebuilder Sentiment Collapses As Mortgage Purchase Apps Plunge To Lowest In 5 Years
- J.C. Penney explores bankruptcy as hopes for recovery fade
- Here Comes The Depression: Empire State Manufacturing Crashes Most Ever To -78, Lowest In History
- US Retail Sales Crash By Most Ever In March, Despite Hoarding
- Treasury Cash Balance Soars To Record $959 Billion Following Bill Issuance Tsunami
- U.S. manufacturing output posts largest drop since 1946
- The economy is literally in free fall
- Housing Starts Collapse By Most In 36 Years
- Philly Fed Collapses By Most Ever To 40 Year Lows
- SBA says it's out of money for loans to businesses hit by coronavirus pandemic
- 22 Million Jobless Claims In 1 Month: Last 4 Weeks Erase All Jobs Created Since The Great Recession
- First JC Penney, Now Neiman Marcus Set To File For Bankruptcy
- The "Unsinkable" US Economy Strikes A Pandemic Iceberg – The Map Ahead
- Straggling in a Good Economy, and Now Struggling in a Crisis
- ‘Unprecedented disruption’ to supply chain slams US port volumes
- For The First Time Ever, The Fed Will Monetize Double The Total Treasury Issuance
- Gasoline Is Selling for 12 Cents a Gallon and Nobody Wants It
- Over 43,000 US millionaires will get ‘stimulus’ averaging $1.6 million each

- New, larger wave of locusts threatens millions in Africa
- Wuhan Rent Protest Shows Unrest Brewing in China After Lockdown
- China reclassifies dogs as pets, not livestock, in wake of the coronavirus
- Welcome To India's Hunger Games
- The Closing of 21 Million Cell Phone Accounts in China May Suggest a High CCP Virus Death Toll
- India PM extends lockdown two weeks to May 3
- McDonald's apologises after China store bans black people
- Global economy to suffer worst blow since the 1930s, warns IMF
- Amazon to Suspend Operations in France Over Coronavirus Dispute
- Australia may keep coronavirus restrictions for a year, schools may work on roster
- China's economy contracts for first time on record
- Mexico Downgraded To Just One Notch Above Junk On Imminent "Severe Recession"

- ‘You Should Be Saying Congratulations’: Here Are 116 Times Trump Has Praised His Own Coronavirus Response
- Navarro publicly said Americans had 'nothing to worry about' while privately warning coronavirus could cost lives and dollars
- Torn Over Reopening Economy, Trump Says He Faces ‘Biggest Decision I’ve Ever Had to Make’
- For First Time Ever, All 50 US States Now Under Major Disaster Declaration At Same Time
- Trump claims ‘total’ authority, over govs, to reopen economy
- Trump halts World Health Organization funding over handling of coronavirus outbreak
- Fmr. Secy. Albright: I'm troubled by Trump's unpredictability
- Trump Says States Can Start Reopening While Acknowledging the Decision Is Theirs

- Mississippi city's coronavirus shutdown bans drive-in church services ahead of Easter
- Virginia pastor who defiantly held church service dies of coronavirus

- Hit by virus, Pentagon warns enemies: don't test us

- Coronavirus Ends XFL Comeback: Vince McMahon Signs Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Declaration

- Hundreds protest Michigan governor’s social distancing order

- Another metro city sees spike in speeders during COVID-19 pandemic

- Six THOUSAND families line up in their cars for hours at a food bank in San Antonio
- The coronavirus pandemic could threaten global food supply, UN warns
- Dumped Milk, Smashed Eggs, Plowed Vegetables: Food Waste of the Pandemic
- Smithfield Foods To Close Sioux Falls, SD Plant Indefinitely Amid COVID-19
- Amazon stops accepting new online grocery customers amid surging demand
- Seed companies can't keep up as more Americans turn to growing their own food
- Coronavirus: 1.5 million go hungry as job losses and supermarket strain hits those at risk, poll suggests
- USDA Wants To Purchase Farm Products To Support Food Banks

- Here Is The "Secret Weapon" That Allowed Tiny Oil Producer Mexico To Defy Giant Saudi Arabia
- OPEC Reaches "Historic" Deal To Cut Oil Production As Mexico Wins "Mexican Standoff" With Saudis... But It's Not Enough

Precious metals
- Bullion Bank Nightmare as LBMA-COMEX Spread Blows Up Again
- Quebec gold mines deemed essential service, to reopen Wednesday
- US Mint Halts All Production Over Virus Fears As Gold & Silver Coin Demand Nears Record Highs

- Everything that is wrong with America, in one image.

- Why the rent is due for rich people in the time of coronavirus

Posted: 2020-04-17 20:08:36

Act 16:23-25
And when they had laid many stripes upon them, they cast them into prison, charging the jailor to keep them safely: Who, having received such a charge, thrust them into the inner prison, and made their feet fast in the stocks. And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them.

In the midst of trials, can you praise and thank God?

Paul and Silas were whipped and thrown into prison for exorcising a demon possessed woman. How did they respond to their situation? Did they ask, "How can God allow bad things to happen to us?" Did they complain to God that they did not deserve such ill treatment? No, they prayed and sang praise songs. And they did it so loudly that all the other prisoners heard them.

In the midst of your darkest hour, when you are in the dungeon, when you have lost hope, when you are in a situation you do not deserve, when you are bound, it is the time to loudly pray and thank God.

"The Christian should meet adverse circumstances of life not with a spirit of stoic resignation but with a spirit of unfailing gratitude."

"People become worried, anxious, and fearful because they do not trust in God’s wisdom, power, or goodness. They fear that God is not wise enough, strong enough, or good enough to prevent disaster. It may be that this sinful doubt is because their knowledge of Him is faulty, or that sin in their lives has crippled their faith. Thankful prayer brings release from fear and worry, because it affirms God’s sovereign control over every circumstance, and that His purpose is the believer’s good."

Thanking God is recognizing God is in control and has a purpose for everything, including trials.

It is not the situations that leads our minds into darkness, but it is not thanking God that leads us down the path of darkness.

Rom 1:21 - Yes, they knew God, but they wouldn't worship him as God or even give him thanks. And they began to think up foolish ideas of what God was like. As a result, their minds became dark and confused.

When we thank God in times of trouble, it will cause the very foundations to shake. The forces imprisoning us will be opened. The chains that bind us will be broken.

Act 16:26 NIV - Suddenly there was such a violent earthquake that the foundations of the prison were shaken. At once all the prison doors flew open, and everyone's chains came loose.

Open your heart to God and pour out your burdens. Thank him for whatever situation you are in.

Phl 4:6 NLT - Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.

Rev 7:12 NLT - They sang, "Amen! Blessing and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and honor and power and strength belong to our God forever and ever! Amen."

Posted: 2020-04-13 06:56:34

- C.D.C. says all Americans should wear masks. Trump says the rule is voluntary.
- CDC Now Recommends Americans Consider Wearing Cloth Face Coverings In Public
- Dr. Birx now warns Americans NOT to go to the grocery store or pharmacy unless it's essential during the next 14 days with coronavirus hotspots set to hit peak death rate in a week
- Anti-Asian hate continues to spread online amid COVID-19 pandemic
- Dr. Fauci Says He Doesn't Think Americans Should Ever Shake Hands Again To Prevent Spread Of Coronavirus
- The coronavirus is infecting and killing black Americans at an alarmingly high rate
- Chelsea Handler Did A Bra-To-Face Mask Tutorial, And It’s Actually Not Bad
- This Chicago jail has one of the largest coronavirus outbreaks in the US
- Detroit hospital nurses refuse to work without more help, ordered to leave
- Doctors rethinking coronavirus: Are we using ventilators the wrong way?

Business, Economy
- A glossary of the Federal Reserve's full arsenal of 'bazookas'
- Grocery workers are beginning to die of coronavirus
- Tesla to furlough workers, cut employee salaries
- Jack Dorsey pledges $1 billion of his Square stake for COVID-19 relief efforts
- WeWork Directors Sue SoftBank Over Terminated $3 Billion Share Offer
- Coronavirus stimulus checks: 175 million Americans will start receiving funds 'this week or early next,' Larry Kudlow says
- Treasury's Mnuchin asking for $250B to replenish small business loan program
- Coronavirus stimulus checks: 175 million Americans will start receiving funds 'this week or early next,' Larry Kudlow says
- Trade set to plunge as COVID-19 pandemic upends global economy
- Container lines scramble to avert ‘life-threatening’ COVID-19 losses
- Americans Not Making Their Mortgage Payments Soar By 1064% In One Month
- Nearly a Third of U.S. Apartment Renters Didn’t Pay April Rent
- Tally of Unemployed Workers Surges by 6.6 Million
- A Shocking 17 Million Americans Have Filed For Unemployment In Past 3 Weeks
- Fed Unveils New Bailout Program, Will Provide Up To $2.3 Trillion In Loans To "Support Economy"
- The Day The Fed Nationalized The Bond Market: The Complete Summary Of Everything The Fed Did Today
- Free Markets Are Dead: Fed To Start Buying Junk Bonds, High Yield ETFs
- IMF Sees World in Worst Recession Since Great Depression
- Fed balance sheet increases to record $6.13 trillion
- ‘Sudden Black Hole’ for the Economy With Millions More Unemployed

- Man shot dead in Philippines for flouting coronavirus rules
- Netanyahu announces nationwide lockdown until Friday
- ‘Complete collapse of economies’ ahead as Africa faces virus
- China’s virus pandemic epicenter Wuhan ends 76-day lockdown
- Japan Declares State Of Emergency, Ramping Up Virus Battle
- Bank of England to temporarily finance UK government spending
- Spanish Government Aims to Roll Out Basic Income ‘Soon’
- Half billion more people face poverty due to virus
- In Scramble for Coronavirus Supplies, Rich Countries Push Poor Aside
- China Quietly Injected A Record 5.2 Trillion In New Credit To Kickstart Its Frozen Economy

- Sanders quits Democratic race for president; Biden is party's apparent nominee
- Donald Trump Signs Order Encouraging U.S. To Mine The Moon For Minerals

- Kemp extends emergency powers to mid-May to combat coronavirus
- Homeless fill Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport atrium overnight

- Nearly a Third of U.S. Renters Didn’t Pay April Rent
- Los Angeles Embarks on Massive Effort to Move Homeless Residents Into Hotels Amid Coronavirus
- Couple get married and jailed on same day after flouting coronavirus lockdown rules

- Coronavirus Is Upending Traditions for Passover and Easter—But Traditions Have Adapted for Past Pandemics, Too

- Coronavirus may cause some food shortages, warns government task force
- Stark photos show miles-long row of cars waiting outside a Florida food bank as demand surges by 600 per cent
- European Union Approves Bugs For Human Consumption
- Grocery prices are rising as eat-at-home demand soars
- It’s Nearly Impossible to Get Big Box Grocery Delivery in NYC Right Now
- Panera gets into the grocery business to sell high-demand staples
- COVID-19 crisis heaps pressure on nation's food banks
- Farmers Are Panic-Buying to Keep America’s 95 Million Cows Fed
- The global food supply chain wasn’t designed for this
- "We Can't Give Our Product Away" - Farmers Toss Thousands Of Acres Of Fruits, Veggies As Sales Plummet
- Coronavirus Latest: Major Meat Processors Shutting Down Plants
- Poultry Worker’s Death Highlights Spread of Coronavirus in Meat Plants
- 'Breadlines' Erupt Across America As Lockdowns Crush America's "Working Poor"

- Colleges With Empty Campuses Face an Uncertain Financial Future

- The Navy Fired the Captain of the Theodore Roosevelt. See How the Crew Responded.
- The acting Navy secretary resigns after an outcry over criticism of a virus-stricken crew.

- "Stayin' Inside" - Corona Virus Bee Gees Parody

- The U.S. was beset by denial and dysfunction as the coronavirus raged

Posted: 2020-04-10 22:33:45

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