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I've been playing around with PostNuke. And overall, I'm unimpressed with it. My main complaint about it is that it doesn't have many modules for business applications (good discussion here on that topic).

One application I was looking for is a calendar. There seems to be two calendar modules, PostCalendar and Calendar. PostCalendar requires Smarty, which in turn requires PHP 4.0.6 or later. And I'm only running 4.0.4. And I'm not in any mood to upgrade everything right now just so I can have a calendar. And Calendar doesn't support PostNuke .7, which I'm currently running .7.2.3. So, I had do to a lot of hacks to get Calendar working.

There is however a good port of phpBB as a module. Though I couldn't get other themes to work with it.

Navigation is also horrible within PostNuke. There's no concept of hierarchical folders for organizing data in PN. Also it's not intuitive how to configure things. Finally, I don't like the use of parameters in order to get to different modules and functions. It forces you to go to the main page and navigate to it, rather than being able to type the URL directly (unless you have a good memory).

Another limitation is that it only supports MySQL. Why is that? Doesn't it use ADODB?

Also, digging into the code, the UI and business logic is all mixed up together. Thus making it not very readable nor reusable.

So, for individual sites, PostNuke is adequate. But for commercial use, it is lacking.

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Lack of functional, useful, practical, real world applications

Posted: 2003-01-21 16:31:33

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