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There is a defect in Subclipse when you try to ignore a file.

The error message says:

org.tigris.subversio​n.javahl.ClientExcep​tion: Failed to execute WebDAV PROPPATCH
svn: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: At least one property change failed; repository is unchanged
RA layer request failed
svn: Error setting property 'ignore':
Could not execute PROPPATCH.

This discussion says to update the Subversion JavaHL plugin. Unfortunately, that's not an option for my particular development box.

On this post, I learned that you can manually enter the ignore property.

1. Right click on the folder containing the file(s) you'd like ignored and navigate to Team -> Set Property.
2. In the "Property Name" field enter "svn:ignore" (without double quotes).
3. Select the "Enter a text property" radio button.
4. In that textarea type each file you want ignored on a new line.
5. Hit OK and then commit your changes.

That got me closer, but still got the error message. It needs a LF character at the end of the filename property.

So, I created a file with a LF character in it. Here are some instructions on how to do it. Just hold down the ALT key while typing "0010" on the keypad. Then a little box will appear.

When setting the property, instead of entering the value, select "Use a file" and use the file that was created.

After committing it, it was able to ignore the file.

Posted: 2009-08-25 09:16:13

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