May 29, 2024

Yesterday, our company had a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. I chose not to give anything to it.

It’s not that I’m against cancer research. But we already have at our hands knowlege of how to prevent most types of cancer. And yet society as a whole disregards it.

If society would take these known steps to prevent cancer, then cancer incidents would be reduced significantly. We might not be able to wipe it out completely, but it certainly won’t be as prevalant as it is today.

But the problem is that people don’t want to take these basic steps to prevent cancer. They want to continue to live their modern life of convenience, inactivity, glamour, and ease. And so we reap what we sow and have cancer to punish us. If Americans are serious in trying to combat cancer, the answer is to follow what we already know.

Known steps in preventing cancer:
1. Engage in regular physical exercise.
2. Don’t smoke.
3. Don’t take sun baths.
4. Don’t drink alcohol excessively.
5. Eat less salt and sweeteners.
6. Eat more fresh fruit, vegetables, and fiber.
7. Eat less junk food and fast food.
8. Don’t overeat.
9. Women should have children earlier in life.
10. Women should not get abortions.
11. Don’t have sex outside marriage.Don’t be sexually promiscuous
12. Avoid toxic chemicals, radiation.
13. Generate less polution.

While doing all these things will not reduce the chance of getting cancer to 0. It will dramatically reduce the odds of getting it. But, as we see in America today, most people don’t do these things. So we see that cancer is the second leading cause of death (after accidents) in the US.


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