February 29, 2024

Goes to show that prayer works…

Last Thursday, Ron Lantz, 61, a 35-year veteran trucker from Ludlow, Ky., who is nearing retirement, alerted authorities after noticing the car of the suspects — who had killed 10 and seriously wounded three since Oct. 2 — at a Maryland rest stop, the Associated Press (AP) reported.

Lantz had recently joined a group of about 50 truckers during an impromptu prayer session over the sniper case, at a site just 25 miles from the rest stop, “The Cincinnati Enquirer” reported. “You don’t think the Lord works in mysterious ways?” asked Lantz, who used his rig to help form a blockade of the rest stop exit. “I’m no hero. I just want people to think what I did is what I should have done.”