July 25, 2024

On Sunday, one of the couples in church announced that their son has been diagnosed with autism. The church immediately gathered around them to support and affirm them and to pray for them.

Facts on autism:
– One of five disorders classified under Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD)
– Typically appears during the first three years of life
– Growing at a rate of 10-17 percent per year
– First diagnosed in 1943
– Is a brain disorder
– Lack of eye contact is not a determination of autism
– Lack of affection is not a determination of autism
– Characteristics involve abnormal sensory, communication and social skills
– There is a wide range of severity level

Causes of autism:
– It is currently not known what causes autism
– It is likely that it has biological causes rather than psychological or hereditary

For me, the link between autism and immunizations is highly probable. MMR shots are typically given after 18 months. And it used to include thimerosal (mercury) and started to be administered in the mid 1980s. Here is a chart of incident rates of autism comparing onset at birth and onset after 18 months since 1960. And here is a study of the similarities between mercury poisoning and autism symptoms.

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