May 29, 2024

At work, I’ve been developing a program in Java to be deployed by Java Web Start. Next week, we’ll be going into production testing with it. But on Friday, one of the managers had an emergency and asked if he could run some things from home on Sunday. I quickly modified the program to run with his requirements and had it ready by lunch. But, he never got back with me on showing him how to use it. At 4:30, I walked into his office and told him I’d be leaving soon and this was the last chance for me to show him how to use it. Then he asked, “I don’t have to reboot my computer, do I?” I replied, “I don’t think so.” (Boy, I wish I didn’t say that) He had some things running on his computer (and I guess something he was working on all afternoon since he never got back with me). And when he started the program via Java Web Start, it immediately gave the BSOD. Looking at the blue screen, he replied, “Sh*t!!!” Lesson, never install something on someone’s computer without stopping everything else, esp a Java Web Start program. (You would think that I would know better. I guess the time constraint overcame my better judgement.) Boy, do I feel so bad about it. I think it caused him to stay another 3 hours afterwards to redo all the work. And on Sunday, he’ll have to do manually what my program could’ve automatically done.