June 14, 2024

Yesterday, I was listening to an NPR interview with Sen Hillary Clinton. Steve asked her when she’d announce her decision about running for the presidency. She said she is still investigating and can’t give a specific date. It would appear that she is the Democratic front-runner and she still doesn’t know? And also considering that Barack Obama has announced a decision to form a Presidential Exploratory Committee, she better get her act going soon.

I have one guess what she’s investigating – the Belinda Stronach card. With a “friendship” between Belinda and Bill, how will that factor into her race for POTUS? I could be wrong here, but what else is keeping her back?

Compared to Lewinsky, Belinda is definitely a better catch for Bill. Rich, famous, politically connected, high profile, better looking, and closer to his age. And most importantly, as she says, she’s not noted for “sitting home on Friday nights and knitting”.

Does Barack have a shot at the presidency? If Hillary doesn’t do something soon, he just might end up being the Democratic candidate for president.

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