February 29, 2024

I just bought an Acer Aspire One. It’s got a great combination of features for a subnotebook. It has 1 Gig RAM, a 140 Gig HD and a 5 hour battery life. And all for $407.

I had bought it from ZipZoomFly. I had never bought anything from them before, so I was a little bit hesitant. But they were the only one that had it in blue. However, seeing that they had good feedback, I went for it. At the end, the entire transaction was smooth and shipping was even free.

Only thing missing with the Aspire is a CD drive, but that’s standard for subnotebooks. But, for some reason it has WinDVD preinstalled on it. One small negative point is the fan noise. It’s not that loud, but once I installed this, it shut down the fan and now it’s completely silent. Now the fan will only come on when it reaches a certain temperature. Like all subnotebooks, the keyboard is small and does take some getting used to. The keypad buttons are on the sides, which is OK with me, but I think it takes too much pressure to depress them. Another nice thing is that it runs XP instead of Vista. It uses the Atom processor and I haven’t seen any problems running stuff on it. And everything worked perfectly out of the box.

Overall, I love this thing. And you can’t beat its feature/price ratio.