February 29, 2024

Probably one of the top issues in running a website is security. A hacker successfully getting into your website could effectively shut it down. Though there is no guaranteed way to stop a determined hacker, one needs to put up as many walls as possible to deter the casual hackers.

Here’s some tips on hardening a Linux web server:

– Disable root login. I see this attempted all the time in my logs.

– Use ssh/sftp and disable telnet/ftp.

– Disable all logins, except for the necessary ones.

– Keep all software up to date.

– Keep regular backups of data. One time, a hacker did get through. Fortunately, I had a recent backup and didn’t lose too much data.

– Make sure any code is immune from SQL injection and XSS attacks. There are libraries/tools that run on top of code that will catch suspicious activity before it hits any code.

– Install Brute Force Detection. This will detect authentication failures and automatically block them.

– Install an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) such as OSSEC. It monitors many things and also automatically blocks suspicious activity.

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