February 29, 2024

This is the first time I’ve heard of an airport shut down because of a UFO sighting. On July 7, a UFO was identified in the Xiaoshan airport in Hangzhou City in China. It was spotted at 8:40 PM local time and shut down the airport for several hours.

Some theories are:
– Secret military aircraft
– Foreign missle/spyplane
– Crashing airplane
– Helicopter
– Private craft
– Alien ship

A secret military aircraft doesn’t make sense cause why would they be testing a secret aircraft near a major city? And especially where there is public air traffic?

If it was a foreign missle/spyplane, why hasn’t the Chinese officials condemned it?

It wouldn’t be surprising that the Chinese would cover-up a crashing airplane. But, there would be wreckage that would be reported if this was the case. And that would be very difficult to cover-up.

A helicopter would make the most sense. However, it seems to be quite high. And it supposedly moved very fast and looked like a comet.

A private craft would be a possibility. But, this should be readily identifiable by air traffic controllers.

An alien from another planet? Can’t completely rule it out, but highly doubtful.

Also, several of the other supposed images are not from July 7 and not from China. But the fact that an airport officially closed due to a UFO sighting makes it interesting.

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