May 29, 2024

This was the first time I’ve attended the EPS conference. And overall, it was very good. The price can’t be beat – $20 for the entire conference. Actually, I don’t see how that would even cover the cost for the event. There were many speakers there (most from outside Atlanta). They also provided a notebook of the conference. And one very nice touch was that they also provided water bottles and snacks between the sessions.

It was well attended by over a thousand attendees. I was thinking to myself, “Where do all these people interested in apologetics come from?” There was also a very large age range represented, with many coming from colleges.

It was the first time I’ve seen many of the speakers in person. And though it was a “philosophers” conference, they were all down to earth and many were quite humorous. The main speakers were Alvin Plantiga, William Lane Craig, and Gary Habermas. I would dare say they are among the top Christian philosophers/apologists in the world. There were many breakout session speakers there. And I particularly enjoyed Craig Hazen. He’s funny, intelligent, and not pretentious.

The highlight of the conference for me was Gary Habermas’ presentation on the Shroud of Turin. I’ve actually never heard from a top tier apologist arguing for the authenticity of the shroud. And though he doesn’t actually say that it is actually the burial cloth of Jesus, he presents a very good case that it’s a strong possibility.