June 14, 2024

US officials confirm full-scale investigation of whether coronavirus escaped from Wuhan lab
Chinese Communist Subversion of WHO Undermined Global Pandemic Response
Covid-19 is rapidly becoming America’s leading cause of death
Can the coronavirus be spread through farts?
Coronavirus has mutated into 30 strains and the one ravaging Europe is more deadly than the US strain, Chinese study finds
In New York’s largest hospital system, 88 percent of coronavirus patients on ventilators didn’t make it
Elizabeth Warren’s oldest brother has died of coronavirus
‘We will not have a vaccine by next winter.’ Like Spanish flu of 1918, CDC says second wave of coronavirus could be ‘even more difficult.’ Will herd immunity help?
Trump’s disinfectant idea shocking and dangerous, doctors say

The Trickle-Up Bailout
The Finance 202: Alarming new data show the worst might be ahead in a coronavirus economy
Walmart to require employees to wear face masks Monday
Record government and corporate debt risks ‘tipping point’ after pandemic passes
Construction industry hit hard, even as states deem it an ‘essential service’
Coronavirus job losses hit these 10 states the hardest
Billionaire Branson Asks For Government Money To Save Virgin Atlantic, Claims He ‘Did Not Leave Britain For Tax Reasons’
Harvard And Other ‘Well Endowed’ Colleges Face Backlash For Tapping Tens Of Millions In Stimulus Funds
Fed’s National Activity Index Crashes Into Deep Recession Territory
The Market Is Breaking… Everywhere
Demand for Bank Notes in Dollars & Euros Spikes Despite Fears of Covid-19 Contaminated Cash
Oil Crash Accelerates, Rippling to Currencies and Stocks
Central Banks Have Pumped An Annualized $23.4 Trillion Into The Financial System
Existing Home Sales Tumble In March, Face 40% Collapse, NAR Warns
Treasury Yields Are Tumbling… 5Y Just Hit Record Lows
Here Are The ‘Publicly Traded’ Companies That Quietly Got A ‘Small Business’ Bailout
The Death of the Department Store: ‘Very Few Are Likely to Survive’
Killed By The Coronavirus Lockdowns: 1000s Of U.S. Businesses That Were Shut Down Will Be Closed Permanently
Here are the largest public companies taking payroll loans meant for small businesses
Harvard says to keep stimulus grant after Trump vows it will be returned
Market Mayhem Meets Liquidity Mismatch: “At Least” 76 Mutual Funds in Europe Were “Gated” in March
GM And Ford Are One Step Closer To Losing Billions On Used Car Price Plunge
S&P 500 companies spent $7 trillion on buybacks and dividends and “been rewarded’ by coronavirus bailouts, says Social Capital CEO
More Than 4 Million Workers Filed Jobless Claims: Live Updates
US New Home Sales Have Never Dropped This Much In March… Ever
Treasury Orders Public Companies To Repay PPP Loans Meant For Small Businesses
Get Ready for the Return of Inflation
Treasury gives big public companies until May 7 to return loans meant for small businesses
US Durable Goods Orders Collapse In Early March Data
US factory orders plunge 14.4% as economy grinds to halt
“It’s The Perfect Storm” – SoftBank Reports Staggering $25 Billion Q1 Loss
U.S. Fed balance sheet increases to record $6.62 trillion
Consumer Sentiment Improved In Early April Before Crashing Again
Major U.S. credit card issuers begin lowering customer spending limits
The Congressional Budget Office forecasts a $3.7 trillion deficit, a 5.6% economic contraction and an unemployment rate of nearly 12% by year’s end

This is where all 50 states stand on reopening
Massachusetts Joins New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Rhode Island’s Multi-State Council to Get People Back to Work and Restore the Economy
Georgia Will Become First State In The US To Reopen: Live Updates
Trump Temporarily Suspends All Immigration Into The United States
Trump Announces 60-Day Pause On Immigration For ‘Individuals Seeking Permanent Residency’
Mayor Lightfoot Says Stay-At-Home Order Could Go Into June
Trump reverses course, says it’s ‘too soon’ for Georgia Gov. Kemp to reopen state
“Most, If Not All” Of The American Economy Should Reopen By Summer’s End, Mnuchin Says
Trump signs into law $484 billion bill that replenishes coronavirus aid program for small businesses

Pentagon to ask U.S. Congress for emergency coronavirus funds to support defense industry

Riots and looting in Cape Town as Africa suffers 1,000 coronavirus deaths
Coronavirus journey: The ‘last cruise ship on Earth’ finally comes home
German Lawyer Who Criticized Lockdown Arrested, Taken To Psych Ward
A million Brits are set to have their wages paid by the state as firms rush to join new compensation scheme
US source: North Korean leader in grave danger after surgery
Second night of riots as Paris locals react with fury over ‘racist’ police attacks on minorities during coronavirus lockdown
Indonesia’s Palu endured a triple disaster, now coronavirus looms
Japan to boost stimulus to $1.1 trillion as virus threatens deeper recession
China’s fiscal revenue plunges 26.1% as virus ravages economy
Netanyahu and rival Gantz clinch Israel power-sharing dealrm-emergency-governmen
Israelis Just Showed the World What a Socially Distant Protest Looks Like
Rampage leaves 18 dead in Canada’s worst mass shooting
Once safer than gold, Canadian real estate now facing its acid test
Official unemployment numbers don’t show the true crisis for workers affected by coronavirus
Germany Cancels Oktoberfest Over Coronavirus Fears
Migrant Areas of Paris Hit With 3rd Consecutive Night of Riots
Japanese PMI Collapses To Record Low, Signals 10% Crash In GDP
New coronavirus outbreak in northern China puts city of 11 million on lockdown
Eurozone economy suffers ‘unprecedented’ collapse
Debt Monetization Creeps Closer by the Day in New Zealand
NZ central bank governor says not ruling out negative interest rates
BOJ To Launch Unlimited QE, Double Corporate Bond Purchases
“Unprecedented Damage To The Euro Zone” – European PMIs Hammered By Record Collapse
When $8 Trillion in Global Fiscal Stimulus Still Isn’t Enough
Ecuador’s Death Toll During Outbreak Is Among the Worst in the World
In Pictures: Lockdown adds to India’s slum dwellers’ woes
Germany requires everyone to wear a face mask as coronavirus spreads

Georgia to allow some shuttered businesses to reopen amid pandemic
Georgia mayors blindsided by Brian Kemp’s decision to let businesses reopen
‘There’s nothing essential about going to a bowling alley,’ says Keisha Lance Bottoms
Georgia’s Covid-19 reopening pits white governor against black mayors
“I’m being forced to choose between my health and my job”: Georgia’s controversial reopening plan, explained
‘Wuhan Plague’ plaques found on Atlanta businesses, streets

Hundreds swarm Florida beaches following reopening amid pandemic
‘This Government Is Lucky’: Coronavirus Quiets Global Protest Movements

More than HALF of Los Angeles workers are now unemployed just one month into coronavirus lockdowns
Coronavirus Sends One-Fifth of Workers to Unemployment Line in Some States
States Burn Through Cash for Unemployment Payments
Coronavirus furloughs begin for more than 100,000 Disney, Best Buy, CarMax workers
‘Florida Is a Terrible State to Be an Unemployed Person’

Personal finances
Who Has Enough Cash to Get Through the Coronavirus Crisis?

Here’s why you should care coronavirus is obliterating the media
The Coronavirus Is A Media Extinction Event
News Media Outlets Have Been Ravaged by the Pandemic
Fighting COVID-19 goes hand-in-han
“A Darwinian Moment”: The Coronavirus Is Blowing Up the Media Landscape

“The Hit Is Huge”: Colleges Brace For ‘Fatal’ Blow Of Next Fall As Face-To-Face Instruction Uncertain

California, rest of the West sinking into a rare mega-drought, scientists say
California and West suffering worst ‘megadrought’ in centuries, study of tree rings shows
Southern States Face Giant Hail and Tornadoes for the Second Weekend in a Row
Severe weather may target one region of US for several weeks

Historic Oil Crash Sends Canadian Oil Prices Negative
U.S. oil tumbles toward biggest one-day drop in history, off more than 38% near expiration as crude’s woes continue
Oil market in ‘super contango’ underlines storage fears as coronavirus destroys crude demand
In a historic plunge, the U.S. oil May benchmark fell 300% to a negative $37.63 a barrel
Singapore giant oil trader Hin Leong failed to declare $1.14 billion losses
Oil export price for Mexico’s Pemex dips into negative territory
World’s Biggest Oil ETF Suspends Sales Of Creation Baskets: “This Shock Is Real… Be Very Careful Out There”
The Third Largest Oil ETN Is Liquidating
“Yesterday Was Scary, Today Is A Lot More Scary”: Black Gold Bloodbath As ‘Paper’ Oil Plunges Everywhere
‘I’m Just Living a Nightmare’: Oil Industry Braces for Devastation
USO Oil ETF To Execute 1-For-8 Reverse Stock Split
About 150-years of oil-price history in one chart illustrates crude’s spectacular plunge below $0 a barrel

Precious metals
“Lethal For Bullion Banks” – The Looming $600 Trillion Derivatives Crisis

Mile-Long Line Of Cars Waiting … In Between Luxury Hotels
It’s Not Just Toilet Paper, Seed Shortages Spread As Locked-Down Americans Turn To Growing Their Own Food
Schools Transform Into ‘Relief’ Kitchens, but Federal Aid Fails to Keep Up
Meat Prices Suddenly Surge As Food Processing Plants Shut Down, With 1000s Of Tons Left To Spoil
Food-Shortage Fears Well-Founded? Tyson Closes Nation’s Largest Pork Plant Over COVID Concerns
Five threats to US food supply chains
Coronavirus pandemic ‘will cause famine of biblical proportions’
Coronavirus-driven CO2 shortage threatens US food and water supply, officials say
The Meat Number That Makes Even Naysayers Worry About Shortages
Missouri Pork Plant Workers Say They Can’t Cover Mouths to Cough
Grocers Hunt for Meat as Coronavirus Hobbles Beef and Pork Plants

Why it’s not so crazy that stocks are rising even though 26 million people are out of work