May 29, 2024

Singaporean who breached coronavirus stay-home notice to eat bak kut teh sentenced to 6 weeks’ jail
Sunday’s Boston Globe runs 21 pages of death notices as coronavirus continues to claim lives
Losing It: 72% Of Locked-Down Americans Say They’ll Reach ‘Breaking Point’ By Mid-June
McCaughey: Homemade Masks Only 2 Percent Effective
Coronavirus antibody tests have “really terrible” accuracy, researcher says
CDC Extends Social Distancing Guidelines To Apply To Pets
Dozens Of Bodies Found In Unrefrigerated Trucks Near Brooklyn Funeral Home

Coronavirus cash crunch leading to more Americans withdrawing from 401k accounts
The coronavirus has caused a wave of early retirement
Unprecedented Pace Of Corporate Debt Issuance Has Crippled Corporate Fundamentals
Mnuchin: ‘You’re going to see the economy really bounce back in July, August, September’
COVID-19 jobless rates will be comparable to Great Depression: Trump economic adviser
White House Economic Adviser: Q2 GDP Will Be Biggest Negative Number Since Great Depression; -20% To -30%
GM Suspends Dividend, Stock Buyback Program To Preserve Cash
For Houston, a One-Two Punch: ‘It’s Going to Be Devastating’
Mnuchin Says It’s “Highly Unlikely” Fed Will Buy Stocks; “Poorly Managed States” Won’t Get Bailout
Tesla Drops Its D&O Insurance, Says Elon Musk Will Now “Personally Provide Coverage”
Why Illinois Is In Trouble – 109,881 Public Employees With $100,000+ Paychecks Cost Taxpayers $14B
Uber reportedly may cut around 20% of workforce; CTO resigns
Coronavirus Relief Often Pays Workers More Than Work
Greenspan Sees Rebound After ‘Pretty Awful’ Second Quarter
The U.S. economy shrank at a 4.8% annual rate in the first quarter, its biggest contraction since the recession in 2008.
Dividend Massacre in This Crisis is Already Breaking Records, But it Just Started
U.S. jobless claims climb 3.8 million in late April to push coronavirus total to 30 million
US Consumer Spending Collapses By Record, Worse Annual Drop Than Peak Of Lehman Crisis
Fed’s Powell Says More Spending Will Be Needed From Congress
US pending home sales sank 20.8% in March
U.S. Stocks Have Their Best Month Since 1987
Consumer Spending Plunges Record 7.5% on Virus Fears, Job Losses
April Will Be The Worst Month On Record For Auto Sales
$6.66 Trillion
Investors Baffled By Soaring Stocks In ‘Monster’ Depression
New orders reading in key ISM factory index is at its worst since the 1950s
Stymied in Seeking Benefits, Millions of Unemployed Go Uncounted
Congressman warns national debt could reach $30 trillion by end of September
US Manufacturing Surveys Show Record Collapse In Output, Orders, & Jobs
Amazon Extends Work-From-Home Policy Through Oct. 2
Mnuchin Requests Private Schools Return PPP Loans
Elon Musk tweets that Tesla shares are ‘too high’
U.S. Homeowners are Increasingly Delaying Mortgage Payments

Trump says briefings not worth his time after disinfectant gaffe
Gavin Newsom Declares California a ‘Nation-State’
Trump Says ‘COVID Reparations’ Coming: US Will Bill China At Least $160 Billion
“I Don’t Need A Lecture”: Pelosi Praises Biden For His Response To Sexual Assault Allegations Despite Biden Not Responding
Biden Denies Tara Reade’s Assault Allegation: ‘This Never Happened’
The Finance 202: Trump officials spook economists with talk of skipping debt payments to China
Trump Will Thwart Investment of US Pension Funds In China
Why Won’t TV News Book Tara Reade?
Prominent Democratic women are standing by Joe Biden amid Tara Reade’s sexual assault claim

Japan mayor under fire for ‘women dawdle at shops’ remark
‘There Are No Viruses Here’: Leader of Belarus Scoffs at Lockdowns
Singapore to propose law to enable virtual marriage solemnisations amid Covid-19 outbreak
New Zealand’s Prime Minister May Be the Most Effective Leader on the Planet
Central America: Unrest, repression grow amid coronavirus crisis
From private testing for the rich to unrest in banlieues, coronavirus is highlighting France’s stark divide
Macron issues ultimatum to Europe’s German bloc: cough up Covid trillions or lose the single market
Mexico’s Pemex bleeds more red ink in nearly $24 billion quarterly loss
European Central Bank to allow banks to borrow at minus 1 percent
Swedish city to dump tonne of chicken manure in park to deter visitors
Deutsche Bank Capitulates: Starts Charging Negative Rate On All New Deposit Accounts Over €100,000
UK Headed For “Deep Recession” As Manufacturing Activity Sees Record Slump In April
In Lockdown, Delhi Is Frozen in Fear and the Present Tense
Spanish Beach Sprayed With Bleach, Causing “Brutal Damage” to Local Animals

Georgia unemployment claims reach 1.3M since mid-March

Reopening Has Begun. No One Is Sure What Happens Next.
A Few Thousand Protest Stay-at-Home Order at Wisconsin State Capitol
This Japanese Island Lifted Its Coronavirus Lockdown Too Soon and Became a Warning to the World
Protests Mount To Reopen the Country: Pictures
California heat wave draws large crowds to beaches despite stay-at-home order
‘I want my life back’: Germans protest against lockdown
Governor Set to Close All Beaches and State Parks in California
Hundreds of protesters, some carrying guns in the state Capitol, demonstrate against Michigan’s emergency measures

Head of Russian hospital falls 50 feet during coronavirus call
Exasperation Grows Over Delays Trying To Sign Up For Unemployment, ‘People Have No Food, People Are Talking About Suicide’
Top Manhattan ER doc commits suicide, shaken by coronavirus onslaught
EMT John Mondello kills himself after less than three months on the job
Second Russian doctor plunges to their death amid coronavirus outbreak
Doctor who recovered from coronavirus dies by suicide, police say

USS Kidd, another Navy warship at sea, reports a coronavirus outbreak

Violent Food & Fuel Shortage Riots Grip Venezuela Amid COVID-19 Lockdown
U.S. Reels Toward Meat Shortages and the World May Be Next
A New Problem Is Brewing in the Beer Industry: One Million Kegs Are Going Stale
Zimbabwe food crisis worsens with COVID-19 lockdown extension
American Farms Cull Millions Of Chickens Amid Virus-Related Staff Shortages At Processing Plants
National Guard Deployed At Nation’s Food Banks To Ensure Stability During Unprecedented Times
USDA let millions of pounds of food rot while food-bank demand soared
Warnings of unrest mount as coronavirus hits food availability
Tyson Foods chairman offers dark warning about the food supply chain as processing plants close
Trump to Invoke Defense Production Act: Who Will Be Forced to Work at Meat Plants?
Food Lines a Mile Long in America’s Second-Wealthiest State
Powerful Meat Industry Holds More Sway After Trump’s Order
McDonalds Starts To Ration Meat Amid Supply Chain “Concerns”
Kroger is limiting ground beef and pork purchases in some stores
An Idaho farm is giving away 2 million potatoes so they don’t go to waste

Why More Than Two Dozen Oil Tankers Are Anchored Off the Southern California Coast
In 2020 Oil-Exporters’ Income Will Plunge By Over $1 Trillion, Forcing Widespread Stock Liquidations
Diamond Offshore files for bankruptcy, stock plunges
Exxon Reports First Quarterly Loss In 32 Years

Precious metals
Australia Flies Gold Bars 11,000 Miles to New York to Ease Supply Squeeze
The World’s Oldest Gold Trader Is Closing
Silver hasn’t been this cheap in 5,000 years of human history
After Gold & Oil Contract Chaos, CME Group Secures $7 Billion Credit Line “In Case Of COMEX Member Default”

Italian Town Creates New Currency to Cope With COVID-19

50 million Americans at risk for next severe weather outbreak

Trump Says ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’ Clip Is ‘Hell of a Video’: ‘I Just Wonder If It’s Real’
Harry Reid Says Footage of UFOs ‘Only Scratches The Surface’

Tanker vessels anchored off the coast of Southern California