April 22, 2024

The C.D.C. Waited ‘Its Entire Existence for This Moment.’ What Went Wrong?

Target Closes 175 Stores Nationwide In Wake Of George Floyd Protests, Looting
Restaurant Chains That Won’t Make It Through the Year
The stock market isn’t reflecting reality… yet, warns Citigroup
Retailers, Battered by Pandemic, Now Confront Protests
Pier 1 is officially going out of business
Corporate America Sides With The Looters
ADP Employment Data Massively Beats Expectations
April Factory Orders Crash By The Most In American History
ADP Employment Data Massively Beats Expectations
US black-white inequality in 6 stark charts
Nearly 43 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits during the pandemic
“We Still Expect To Be Paid” – America’s Largest Mall Operator Sues Gap For $70M In Back-Rent
Jobless claims, total unemployment level worse than expected
U.S. unemployment fell to 13.3% in May and the economy added 2.5 million jobs, a surprising upswing after pandemic-related declines.
3 Reasons to Pause Before Celebrating Today’s Surprising Jobs Numbers

Donald Trump puts Army on four hour notice to deploy to US streets for first time since LA riots in 1992 as 19-year-old demonstrator is shot dead in Detroit and Minneapolis erupts for fourth night
CNN Center in Atlanta damaged during protests
George Floyd protests spread nationwide
Nationwide Chaos: NYPD Precinct Attacked, CNN Vandalized, Treasury Breached As Mayors Beg For Calm
Pentagon puts military police on alert to go to Minneapolis
Target, CVS shut Minneapolis stores after rioters ravage retailers
California Protesters Knock Officer Unconscious, Shut Down Highway 101
White House Placed on Lockdown Amid Protests Nearby Over George Floyd’s Death
Floyd Autopsy Doesn’t Support Strangulation As Cause Of Death
Protests over police killings rage in dozens of US cities
National Guard troops sent to Atlanta; city invokes curfew
Police arrest 70 in Atlanta as protesters defy curfew
Another night of chaos and fury as protesters come out despite curfews
As protests escalate, curfews have been imposed in some of the U.S.’s largest cities, including Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago and Philadelphia.
George Floyd: protests and unrest coast to coast as US cities impose curfews
Appeals for Calm as Sprawling Protests Threaten to Spiral Out of Control
Protests turn violent across the nation
George Floyd Protests Rage in Cities Across the U.S. as Tens of Thousands Take to the Streets
Killer Mike Delivers Emotional Speech to Atlanta Protestors at Mayor’s Press Conference
Rioting across the nation leaves cities reeling as hundreds arrested, National Guard called in, businesses damaged and at least 3 dead
Chicago mayor tells Trump ‘F-U’ after tweet about Minneapolis looting
Machete-wielding man attacked by Dallas mob in shocking video was ‘allegedly protecting neighborhood’: police
America Wakes Up After A Night Of Chaos And Destruction: 1,700 Rioters Arrested In Three Days
NYPD officer rams into crowd of George Floyd protesters in Brooklyn
“It’s A Setup”: Mysterious Brick Piles Appear Throughout Major Protest Cities
Ahead Of The 3rd Night Of Riots: Looting, Violent Protests Begin In Phildadelphia
Facing Protests Over Use of Force, Police Respond With More Force
More journalists injured covering George Floyd protests
Around 4,000 people were arrested during protests since George Floyd’s death, and at least 40 cities are imposing curfews
Day of peaceful New York City marches gives way to chaos after dark
US Anti-racism Protests Stretch To Distant New Zealand
Michigan Sheriff Took Off His Helmet and Marched With Protesters
More than 50 Secret Service agents are injured in clashes outside the White House: Rioters throw Molotov cocktails in DC while looters trash Gucci and Chanel stores in NYC on a sixth night of violence in cities across the US
As cities burned, Trump stayed silent — other than tweeting fuel on the fire
Curfews and Soldiers Can’t Contain the Nation’s Chaos
George Floyd: Protests double overnight as violence spreads to 140 cities
Woman carrying entire Cheesecake Factory cheesecake during Seattle protests becomes Internet sensation
NYC Announces 11pm Curfew As Cops Blast De Blasio For Kowtowing To Looters
‘Anonymous’ Hacks Chicago Police Radios; Play NWA’s “F**k The Police” During Riots
Multiple Dead/Injured As Rioters Target Cops After Trump’s Threat Of Military Force Fails To Deter 7th Night Of Violence
Tense protest turns emotional as 60 North Carolina police kneel before demonstrators
Virginia governor REFUSED to send his National Guard to Washington D.C. to help restore order after request from the White House – which also mulled taking over city’s police force
52 arrested on 5th night of Atlanta protests
77-Year-Old Retired Police Captain Murdered By Looters
Prosecutors charge 3 more officers in George Floyd’s death
Washington DC Mayor Scraps Curfew, Calls For Withdrawal Of National Guard Troops, As Nation Braces For More Unrest

Trump took shelter in White House bunker as protests raged
Trump tweets Antifa will be labeled a terrorist organization but experts believe that’s unconstitutional
Trump slams governors as ‘weak,’ urges crackdown on protests
Protesters Dispersed With Tear Gas So Trump Could Pose at Church
Bishop Budde calls Trump photo at St. John’s Church ‘antithetical to the teachings of Jesus’
Trump Wants Show Of Force To Cure National Crisis
Media Lied; Police Confirm No Tear-Gas, Flash-Bangs Used Ahead Of Trump’s Church Visit
Trump Admin Bars Chinese Passenger Planes To US
Trump: I Was in the Bunker for ‘an Inspection’
Ex-defense chief Mattis rips Trump for dividing Americans

China threatens to ATTACK Taiwan: One of Beijing’s most senior generals warns the military will use force if there is no other way to stop island becoming independent
Thousands in London Join Cities Across the U.S. in Protesting the Death of George Floyd
China’s Foreign Ministry Tweets “I Can’t Breathe!” As America’s Rivals Troll US Over Unrest
Bodies Are Being Left in Hospital Beds in Mumbai as Coronavirus Overwhelms India’s Financial Capital
Tiananmen: Police ban Hong Kong vigil for victims of 1989 crackdown
Coronavirus: Sex during lockdown with someone outside your household is illegal from today
George Floyd Reverberates Globally: Thousands Protest In Germany, U.K., New Zealand
UK Home Prices Fall At Fastest Pace In Decade

SpaceX Lifts NASA Astronauts to Orbit, Launching New Era of Spaceflight
SpaceX docks to the International Space Station

A Mile-Long Line for Free Food in Geneva, One of World’s Richest Cities
US food prices see historic jump and are likely to stay high

Swarm of earthquakes rattle area near Yellowstone National Park, USGS says

Apocalyptic swarm of deadly mutant ticks invade Russia with 2,125 children attacked